• Sharke's Shovels

    Sharke, Harpy and some Orc redcoats try to stop a group of Ferach Elves from purloining their picks and spades during the siege of Badjobz in this classic scenario from the Flintloque Archives.

  • Sharke's Eagle

    Lieutenant Sharke of the Orc Rifles and some Light Company of the 67th Mordor Foot go after an Elven Eagle at the battle of Tarrenvera in this classic scenario from the Flintloque Archives.

  • The Kinkon Delta

    Expand your gaming on the World of Valon with action in the Kinkon Delta which sees the Union of Secessionist Albionites go up against the River Pyrates of the Kinkon Delta in this classic background article from the Flintloque archive.

  • The Temple of Dhogmandont

    The famed East-Valonian treasure hunter has disciovered the whereabouts of the semi-mythical Scimitar of Mustapha Liq. However, between him and his prize stand  Krautian Agents, Ferach Intelligence, Nippleze Goblins, Othari Janissaries and a bloody big Minotaur with an equally bloody big axe. Will he prevail... Find out in this classic scenario from the Flintloque Archives.

  • Native Human Scouts

    After the fall of Dresda, Humans became scarce on Valon - However, some hardier ones didn't die out straight away...

  • Sharke's Trousers

    Sharke and Froderorcson's Elite Orc Rifles take on three sections of Ferach Elves to regain lost honour (and a certain article of clothing) in this classic Flintloque scenario updated with notes for using it with Third Edition and tips for solo play.

  • Wear Them To Pieces

    A coach carrying four Orc ladies to a ball at Needham Manor has been ambushed by a peculiarly determined pack of roaming undead. However the lifeless abominations have taken on a little more than they bargaining for, as Miss Elizabeth and her friends are far from helpless.