Gavin Syme

Gavin Syme is the creative manager of Alternative Armies and and is the chap solely responsible for the official ongoing development of the World of Valon. He has also designed a good number of game systems including Flintloque 3rd Edition, MOTH, USE ME and Firefight 2.0, some on his own and some with talented fellows like Alex Draper, Bob Minadeo, Mike White, Steve Hazuka and Alex Self.


Tag Type: Author
Point of View: Real World

  • Blade of Destiny, Part 1 - Raid on Byloco Hill

    Rugg the Cruel has been using ancient portals to raid unsuspecting Sidhe settlements. However the vigilance and planning of Huyen of Kilia at Byloco Hill has led to a conflict. Realising his band is outnumbered Rugg has decided to poison the settlements well before escaping back to the darkness of the sea. The Huyen's warband is the Sidhe settlements only hope.

  • Blade of Destiny, Part 2 - Find the Pucci

    Having failed to stop Rugg from poisoning the Byloco Hill well, Huyen knew he had to seek out the source of the portals the Fomor were using. His quest has led him deep into the green woods as discovered from the words of a dying Fomor warrior, only Gerrta the Sea Devil knows how to locate the ancient Gateway Rugg is using.

  • The Kinkon Goblins

    Full rules for using the Kinkon Goblins in your games of Flintloque 3rd Edition in this updated Journal of Valon article from the Notables Flintloque Archive. Also includes rules for use with Slaughterloo 2nd Editon.

  • Frontear: Q&A

    An Orcs in the Webbe Exclusive! Before it was released in January 2008, Orcs interviewed Alternative Armies' Gavin Syme about the new game.

  • The 2008 Alternative Armies Interview

    An Orcs in the Webbe Exclusive! Gavin Syme at Alternative Armies is kind enough to answer our questions about what's coming up for Flintloque and Alternative Armies.

  • The Fur of Moskova

    Can your Finklestein Dogmen, caught unawares at camp outside the charnel city manage to escape the Undead in time?

  • The Whyte Revolt

    When Wylde Magicke was annulled the Undead servants of Aleksander the Star Wraith crumbled to dust. He set upon using the new laws of science to create a new type of Undead, all went well until the first Whytes appeared...

  • Drive Through

    Continuing from where the scenarios in the main Firefight 2.0 rulebook left off the Muster Captain, Emeritas Hughes, must survive until help arrives.

  • Murder in Illstadde

    A DarkeStorme scenario for two players. Heinrich Flass' Dwarves must defend against Kraker Eads' Orc Marauders in the village of Illstadde.

  • Tray Served Snack

    The Muster leader, Emeritas Hughes, gets more than he bargained for in this exciting mission carrying on the campaign started in the main Firefight 2.0 rulebook.

  • A Darkestorme is Coming

    An in depth look at the two scale high fantasy game system DarkeStorme including information on the game, its background and the theory behind the game.

  • The Green Knight

    A DarkeStorme scenario for two players. Deep in the darkling forest the Dwarves of Karl Ultranain encounter a mysterious knight who cannot be killed but is intent on slaughter.

  • The Dirty Arf Undred

    A Flintloque scenario for two players (or solo play). Will Colonel Sterf Yong and his lads hold out in this ‘king of the hill’ adventure?

  • The Whyte Revolt - Escape from the Makers

    The second part of the Whyte Revolt arc is a scenario entitled 'Escape from the Makers' which sees the rebelling Whytes trying to get out of the re-animation prison that the agents of the Dark Czar have created for them. Will they break free into the vast snowy landscape of the Witchlands or will the Zombie garrison stop them 'dead'...

  • Obidiah's Army

    Orcs in the Webbe's first official rules conversion! Obidiah's Army enables you field deserter bands in your games of Flintloque. Originally released in 1997, now updated and expanded for use with Flintloque 3rd Edition.

  • Obidiah's Army (2021 Update)

    Obidiah's Army (2021 Update)

    Orcs in the Webbe's first official rules conversion has regenerated! Obidiah's Army enables you field deserter bands in your games of Flintloque. Originally released in 1997, updated and expanded in 2010 for use with Flintloque 3rd Edition and now refreshed for a modern audience to tie in with the newly re-released re-mastered miniatures from Alternative Armies.

  • A Bridge Too Fur

    A Bridge Too Fur

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! McTavish is tasked with heading to Aegpyt, into the arms of a mad Othari who thinks he is the Duke of Wheeling-Turn, to blow up a bridge held by veteran Ferach troops with nothing more than some raw recruits and a few barrels of powder.

  • Lady Wintermore's Fangs

    An Orcs in the Webbe exclusive! We bring you the Lady Wintermore's Fangs Booklet, originally released back in the 90s, fully updated and expanded with both statistics and background from the Flintloque 3rd Edition Game Book, Death in The Snow.

  • The Du Lac Inheritance

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Henri Du Lac, having watched his Empress be deposed by her Usurper son, relates a tale to his Grandson of a time long before, when both Magicke and Dragons still existed on Valon...

  • The Dracci in Flintloque

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Following up on his fantastic piece of fiction, The Du Lac Inheritance, this article dips into a future release from Alternative Armies and brings you official rules for using the Dracci in your games of Flintloque 3rd edition.