flintloque-logo-304x90"The Whyte Revolt: Escape from the Makers"

A Flintloque Scenario by Gavin Syme


Can the rebelling Whytes get out of the re-animation prison that the agents of the Dark Czar have created for them.


He bit through the paper casing of the musket cartridge and then holding the ball in his mouth poured the power into the musket, its stock bedded firmly into the frozen soil. His mind told him the powder in his mouth would be bitter and so dry it would cause a raging thirst but no sensation came to him. His mouth and lips seemed unaffected as he spat the ball into the barrel of the musket. It more fell than was spat from his mouth and he wondered how he knew how to load the firelock, but then he let it pass from his thoughts; there were other more pressing problems ahead. A few more seconds passed and he finished ramming the bullet home and then raised and cocked the weapon ready for action.

Sighting along the long barrel he brought a shambling heap some thirty yards away into his view. This Zombie was on the verge of being dead once more, its flesh was grey and mostly gone from bones that were in many places chipped and even shattered into jagged, ragged ends. Am I to be like this he thought. The Zombie saw him, how he did not know, as its face was a crusted blood filled hole with a few teeth and a tongue hanging from it but no eyes were visible. It had no firelock with which to shoot him but it lofted a worn and wickedly sharp bayonet in its one remaining hand and lurched forward towards him. He pulled on the trigger gently and then harder.

With a flash the powder in the pan of his musket ignited and then the whole gun recoiled greatly, a plume of grey smoke blasted forth from the barrel. A fraction of a second later the heavy lead ball impacted with the Zombie and through whipped away smoke he saw that the head and upper chest of his target had been split open and the whole Zombie was rapidly coming to pieces and collapsing. It must have been rotten right through like an ancient worm feasted ship. It crunched to the snow never to move again. Would he end up like that?

Around him other Whytes were firing and loading as the other Undead advanced at a slow and staggering pace. He realised with some effort that they needed to escape, to flee, not just to stand here and shoot. He had been an...officer. A commander of...what, he did not remember, but it was his place to give orders to these 'soldiers'. He and the other Whytes would have to escape, get away from this horrid place of debased science, formulate a plan. A plan for the future and for revenge on those who had done this to them.

There was a wall ahead with a few gaps in its mighty structure, more Zombies were passing through the gaps and advancing all the time. Those gaps were the way out. He went from one Whyte to the next and shook them by the shoulders and pointed to the gaps in the wall and then began running towards the nearest hole which must once have been a gateway. With relief he realised the others were following him and that they would continue to do so.

Scenario Forces

This is a scenario for two players (or solo play). The first player takes the role of the Savant type Undead characters (the Whytes) while the second player has a larger section of typical Undead commanded by a Vampyre and a Liche. Its the task of the Whytes to flee and for the other Undead to prevent this.

Garn Whychwoode's Whytes (No Allegiance)

Use the 5026 Death in the Snow book to generate a section of eight savant type Undead. One of them (Whychwoode) is a Bog Orc Savant Zombie, two others are Dwarf Savant Zombies, one is an Ogre Savant Zombie (Fleschenstale) and the others are standard Savant Zombies. Unless using set character profiles from part three of this arc or the unique Whyte rules from part three, use the normal creation rules from pg65 etc with troop type NCO for all savants. You may allocate five standard muskets / Dwarf MkI muskets (all with bayonets), one standard grenade, two swords and one standard pistol among your section at your discretion. There are no points in this scenario. In all events your section is led by Whychwoode and his second in command is Fleschenstale.

Count Vladimir's Entourage (Witchlands)

Use the 5026 Death in the Snow book to generate a section of fourteen Undead. They must be led by a Vampyre (Count Vlkadimir) and have one K.G.B Liche (Average) in their ranks. The other twelve characters are the normal mix of Fresh, Decayed, Rotten Zombies that make up an Undead section. The Vampyre is Regular / Average status and has no Blood Magicke, he is armed with a sword. The Zombies are armed with a total of eight standard muskets, five bayonets, two standard carbines, a standard blunderbuss and a Dwarf Musket MkI to allocate as you see fit. Add special rules as desired for the Undead and the Liche character. There are no points in this scenario.

Scenario Map and Set Up

You will need a standard playing area of six foot by four feet (though if space does not allow feel free to change this, but keep the length and width in the same ratio). The terrain required is outlined as follows and it along with the forces on all sides of this scenario should be laid out as per the map for this adventure. The surface of the playing area has one building at its centre south west and a high stone wall (cannot be climbed), which is broken down in several places to the north and east, some distance from the building. It is normal going for the most part but there are deep snow drifts (see map) and also some loose piles of dead wood and crates. Beyond all this its a clear run to the edge of the playing area.


Whychwoode and his section set up within 5cm of any side of the central building and within 5cm of each other. The forces of Count Vladimir begin within 10cm of the northern table edge and within 10cm of each other (make sure all Undead are within range of the Liche!).

Scenario Objectives and Game Length

Here are the objectives for the two sections in this scenario:

Garn Whychwoode's Whytes (No Allegiance)

To know what you once were and now what they have made you become. These are the ultimate questions for you but for now you must content yourself with a loaded musket and a dash for freedom from the vile clutches of Doctorov and the Vampyres. Along with some of the other 'Whytes' you have broken out of the dark room used to contain you, luckily it seems as those assigned to destroy you have just arrived at the re-animation site. Raiding the tiny armoury and handing out what little there was you and your motley lot have broken out into the open air. With the enemy approaching you will have to get through them and away before more of the Dark Czars minions realise you have escaped. You were once a soldier...you will be one again!

Your objective in this scenario is escape pure and simple, other things can wait. You must leave with as many of your section as possible from any point on the northern or eastern edges before time runs out. It is a total victory if more than 50% of your section is off the table in time. It is a partial victory if 25% or more of your section escapes from the table edge.

Count Vladimir's Entourage (Witchlands)

It seems that trouble is brewing and if something troubles the K.G.B it will not be long before it troubles the great Vampyre houses of the Witchlands. You are not a powerful Vampyre but you hope to make a name for yourself in the coming war and this is your first chance to impress and hopefully gain some influence. Your master has ordered you to go to that sticking creature Doctorov's hovel outside Moksova and to dispose of his failed creations locked up there. Taking your own entourage and that cursed Liche that seems like it is always watching you, you have just arrived outside the re-animation site. It seems that the creatures you were sent to destroy have already managed to escape the clutches of that fool Doctorov and are outside loading a few rusty muskets. But no matter, they will have to pass you though, through the breaks in the high wall to get away. Bloke the gaps and use your superior numbers to grind them down!

Your objective in this scenario is to prevent the Whyte creatures from escaping the grounds of the re-animation site. Using the section at your disposal you will gain a total victory if you prevent ANY enemy from leaving the northern or eastern edges of the playing area before the end of the game. Any other result will be seen as a failure in the eyes of your nefarious masters.

This scenario is time sensitive and will last for twelve turns only. This is the length of time the Whytes have to escape before so many more additional Undead arrive that it will be impossible to scarper! At the end of the twelfth turn look to the scenario objectives for both sides and determine the winner using them.

Special Rules for this Scenario

You can play both Undead sides as normal as laid out in the Flintloque 'Death in the Snow' game book or you can add in the special bolt on rules for Whytes which can be found in part three of the Whyte Revolt arc to the normal rules. Here are the other special rules for this scenario which must be adhered to at all times.

Tall Wall: The wall around the re-animation site is made of thick stone and cannot be broken down or climbed over by any character without magicke means. Characters may only exit or enter the walled area through existing gaps in the wall. Each gap is roughly 5cm to 10cm wide.

Doctorov's House: The building on the table is the re-animator site. After the Whytes escaped the one door was barricaded by Doctorov and his Dwarven aides. No character may enter or leave the building during play. The building cannot be damaged or set alight.

Fool a Zombie: Lets face it most Undead are not that smart; in fact they are really pretty dense. This works in the Whytes favour in this scenario. The FIRST time any of the normal Undead characters (not the Vampyre or the Liche) is ordered by their player to fire at or melee any Whyte character roll a D10. On an even result (2,4,6 etc) the Zombie refuses thinking the Whyte is one of its own. Otherwise the attack proceeds as normal. In this scenario this will happen only once for each Undead character.

Expanding the Scenario

This scenario is not really suitable for expansion, though it is still possible. If you wish to make the prison break and escape happen on a much larger scale then this can be done. Create three Undead sections on the template of the one belonging to Count Vladimir and add in his as well. Break the stone wall surrounding the building in a few more places in the northern and eastern sides. Triple the size of Whychwoode's section of Savant Zombies (24) keeping the same balance of composition, to create one huge section of Whytes. Objectives remain the same. You are now set for a really massive Undead fist fight to escape.

Solo Playing the Scenario

This scenario is perfect for being a solo play game. You take the part of the Whytes and allow the solo play engine to control the other Undead section. Look to page 90 in 5026 Death in the Snow. The Undead are handled as Undead as per the rules on that page. Their objective is to block and stop all attempts to flee from the northern and eastern edges of the table. If possible the solo play section will attempt to place itself evenly into all the gaps in the wall to box in the Whytes.

Scenario Requirements

In order to play out this scenario you will need the following wargaming items. Some are essential and others can be exchanged for items you have in your collection. Just make sure that you and any other players are aware of what miniatures represent which forces in play.

5026 Flintloque 3rd Edition – Death in the Snow.
Flintloque Game Book will all needed rules and background.

You will need some Undead miniatures. You can refer to part three of this adventure arc for suggestions or you can choose from and mix up codes such as these for your Undead forces.

Refer to the Alternative Armies website or our stockists for pricing and pack sizes.

55508 Zombie Line Infantry
55516 Krautian Flesched Legion
55518 Pavlova Grenadiers
55005 Latrinislav Command
55014 Zombies with Axes
55509 Undead Command

Designers Comments

Undead facing off against one another, now that is something you do not see every day even on Valon. In many ways this was the reason for creating the whole Whyte Revolt arc for Flintloque, that and my own interest in the Russian Revolution of 1917. As the plot developed and the arc grew it soon became apparent that there was no way that it was going to fit into the pages of 'Death in the Snow' so I decided not to mention it at all and to make it the exclusive property of Barking Irons instead. Though again it fell prey to its own success as an idea and it grew too large to fit easily into the magazine a few pages at a time. So here it all is on the Barking Irons blog broken up into parts of equal length. For free mind...how good is that!

The Escape from the Makers scenario gets players into the idea of fighting with Zombies against others of their kind before we head into larger frozen pastures and bring in the Whyte special skills, traits and flaws and characters followed by artillery and even join operations with mortals! But more on that later. In this scenario the more experienced player should actually take the part of the Vampyre and his Undead as these characters require more to remember on the players part.

It has to be kept in mind that some of the tactics and tricks that the Undead use in play will not work well against Whyte Savants. For example when a Liche is using DREAD points the 'Abject Terror' or the ' Aura of Horror' power to place Shaken Tokens will simply not work as Savants feel no fear and cannot be shaken. Also keeping to the letter of the rules for accumulating DREAD the Liche will only gain DREAD for killing Whytes as they are not mortal and will not count towards the total for outnumbering for example. This lessening of DREAD can put the blinkers on some players as it limits their options.

Vampyre Blood Magicke can also be made impotent as well when fighting against the Whytes. For example the magickes titled 'Vampyric Undeath Bite' and 'Mass Deceit' and 'Phantom in the Skies' simply will not work on Savants. However as it was pointed out to me (to painful effect) the spell 'Essence Drain' will work just fine on enemy Whytes while preserving your own troops and they will not resist!

On to the job in hand though. How to succeed in this scenario. While playing as the Whytes it is vital to keep on the move and to try and get through the gaps in the wall quickly. We found in testing that there is not much in the way of musketry in this scenario, its all in movement and melee. Keeping all your savants together and loosing one volley to clear one gap and all going through it is a good idea. You have the edge in movement, melee and firing over normal Undead. If you are playing as the Vampyre and his entourage then it seemed to me that the use of a common Albion Orc tactic was the right way to go, that of the volley. You might well outnumber the Whytes but they have the edge on your in most areas. Hover around the outside of the wall until it becomes clear which gap the enemy are going to try and use. Then, having split your section into two lines of four (including the Vampyre) and eight (including the Liche) block the gap with the smaller section and fire a volley into the enemy with a ragged line from the second larger line. This will hopefully soften up the Whytes and gives you a fall back position if any get through.

Its an odd feeling firing on Undead with other Undead but it makes for a unique and interesting version of Flintloque which is highly entertaining and keeps you coming back for more. I have personally played this scenario four times and won as both sides in it. Happy Gaming!

Next Time....

In part three of the Whyte Revolt we give you the character profiles and special skills / traits / flaws of Whytes including those of the important characters from the escape scenario which formed part two of the arc. We will also present a short article which gives you a guide to creating your own force of Whytes from Alternative Armies range of 28mm Flintloque range miniatures.


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