Scooby Doom & Raggy

Scooby Doom is Vlad Voltan's most respected officer, achieving levels of evil only imagined prior to his becoming a Vampyre Dog. He is always accompanied by his loyal sidekick Raggy, a strange concoction of straw and bone...

Tag Type: Character
Point of View: Valon

[Full rules for Scooby Doom and Raggy for both Flintloque 3rd Edition and Slaughterloo 2nd Edition can be found in the Alternative Armies rules supplement, The Rarest Tin. - Craig]

  • Cossacks of Doom

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Colonel Buster and his ally, the 'shiny' non-blood magicke using Vampyre Edvarda, take on the nefarious undead rogues Scooby Doom and Raggy who have not only a squad of Cossacks at their disposal but also an improved version of Gravinski's reanimator and no shortage of corpses...