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"I'll Be Bach"

A Flintloque Scenario by CJ Hooper


Austin Powys - International Hobgoblin of Mystery Returns!


The village of Alloevera was struggling, and being effectively in the arse end of Al-Garvey it became somewhere for the waifs and strays to hide out until the end of the wars, or so they hoped.

Lonegun Falstaff was effectively the Headorc, though he was not born in Alloevera he had moved there with his Elven wife Deidre after being a career soldier. As a capable, reasonable Orc Lonegun made short work of the many deserters who made their way to the village, and soon the deserters also became village folk.

Whether they sought the place out or just found their way there the village of Aloevera was a peaceful haven in the maelstrom of war. Then one terrible, terrible day a stranger arrived... Out of the mist there strode a figure from Lonegun’s past; he was dishevelled, with a torn tunic and shirt, his teeth disjointed and broken.

Lonegun stepped out of his hut and mopped his brow with his straw hat...

“Powys. I thought I’d seen the last of you. You’ve got some nerve coming here.”

The crooked toothed spy gave what may have been a smile (but who could tell), and said, “Oh it’s ok baby, no one else knows you’re here but me, and quite frankly I didn’t want to know but I need your help and any of these guys that you can spare. I’ve got one last mission for you, baby, and it’s just groovy.”

Austyn stepped into the hut with Lonegun and began to explain...

“To begin at the beginning, the night was moonless and black, some even said slow black, or crow black, but anyway there was once this stashed treasure right? And Mordred knows about it, right? And he’s coming here to get it, see.”


Lonegun Falstaff, once a hero of the Britorcn Empire, does indeed have a tidy sum stashed away in the village. In the traditional fashion he has buried in the ground directly beneath the dust floor of his hut. These gold treasures, however, are not honourable spoils of war per se but expensive trinkets picked up along the way. The Britorcn Intelligence are aware of it and are happy to let this go, however, they are not happy for this to fall into the hands of the Ferach, that would be an insult.

The Ferach have been made aware of this treasure by one of their many spies who has a score to settle with Lonegun, his name is Luc E. Fenestre. He has already infiltrated the village and is disguised as one of the peasants. This has involved taking the clothes, and the life, of this peasant.

The village has six huts of varying sizes. The biggest hut belongs to Lonegun and it is clear that this is where the reassure is hidden. The mystery is that one of the villagers is Fenestre, and no one knows which except for Fenestre himself.

This is where our hero comes in. He knows, thanks to Britorcn Intelligence that Fenestre is in the village, as he has not been identified or seized the gold yet then it is clear that he is in disguise. To identify which Austyn may either search the houses, or the villagers themselves. There are twelve villagers in total meandering around the village and environs. These will head for cover while their cool lasts, otherwise they will randomly flock about town, all except one who is always in control, and is currently Fenestre in disguise...

Editor’s Note

I recommend using one of Heroic Maps excellent map layouts for this adventure, Pyrringham Village, to represent Aloevera. It is available to buy from Wargame Vault. It can be printed out or used in your favourite virtual tabletop software.

Clearly searching the huts may take less effort and Austyn has a 1 in 6 chance of identifying the correct hut and finding the body of the replaced peasant first. He must then catch up with Fenestre, who may bolt having been discovered. 

Should Austyn opt to search the peasants themselves then he has a 1 in 12 chance of finding Fenestre directly. He will then face his foe directly.
Of course as soon as Fenestre makes a move on Lonegun’s hut he is identified and so his plan may fail. To add a little chaos to the mix Fenestre has arranged for a unit of fellow veteran Ferach troops to attack the village, there are eleven of them, twelve including Fenestra himself, and they are dirty.
Fenestre has not accounted for six things; the first is the warning from Austyn Powys. The other five are other veterans, once deserters, now village folk at Alloevera. Once they ran from battle, but they can run no more. The fight is at their door…

They are…

Wallanche Dougal – Old and grizzled, getting too old for this shit. Veteran Dogman Guerrilla.

Buxton Spring – Effete Orc from the midlands of Albion, decided to stay in Alloevera with the lady he met here, she bakes well. Veteran Orc Guerrilla.

Dylan Zimmerman – A peaceloving young Ferach deserter who wants to leave it all behind but will fight for peace. Rookie Ferach Guerrilla.

Jones 24602 – A Hobgoblin who escaped from ferach jail with the help of his fellow prisoner. They went their separate ways but Jones promised his cell mate to return to Alloevera and keep it safe. Experienced Hobgoblin Guerrilla.

Jagrun – a grizzled Black Orc raised by Ferach. Once he was peace loving and religious but war blackened his soul. After many battles he has become bored and his wanderlust brought him here where he fell in love and his beast was quelled at last. Veteran Orc Guerrilla. 

These five soldiers together with Lonegun and Austyn Powys will defend the village. Fenestre must be found and stopped.

The magnificent seven heroes may all search the huts and peasants but do note that every turn doing so is a turn where the Ferach advance and may get the drop on them.

Equally the Ferach, if unchecked, may simply advance on the Headorc’s hut and secure it. So like it or not the fight will happen.

If Fenestre makes it to the main hut he must search it for three turns while he seeks out the treasure, it must then be carried off the table.

Austyn and co. must identify Fenestre and defeat his troops. What they do with the gold is up to them, after this can the war really be ignored...


Webmaster’s Notes

An Orcs in the Webbe original! This article was written exclusively for Orcs in the Webbe and was first published on Christmas Day 2017 as part of its 2017 Advent Calendar.


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