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A Flintloque / Doctor Who Crossover Scenario by Steve Blease

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On his final trip through different worlds Sharke faces a metallic terror we all know well and there's not a sofa to hide behind anywhere anywhere in sight... Steve Blease, Flintloque's co-creator creator, pens one final tale for Rekhardt Sharke.


He woke on a metal floor, in a dark corridor. Pushing himself up he noticed that in front of him stood some kind of mechanical contraption. A glowing blue eye on a stalk protruding from a form of helmet. The eye fixed its attention on Sharke and then the contraption spoke one word:
Sharke quickly rolled left as a beam of light sliced through the air. He pushed himself up and darted behind a damaged wall. He peered over the wall. 
Another beam of light sizzled over him, scorching his lanky black hair.
“Beejeezuz!” Sharke, turned to see Harpy fire a burst from his volley gun and duck back down as the shot bounced off the armoured contraption.
“What on Morgana’s teats is that soir?!”
Invasion 2150AD
Sharke’s Doctor is the sequel to last year’s Sharke’s Mi’lady following on from previous adventures in Sharke’s Barsoom, Sharke’s Aquila and Sharke’s Panzerfäuste. Sharke and his lads have found themselves transported by foul magicke to a series of different worlds, firstly The Land of Panzerfäuste then Bochemannica, followed by Barsoom, Grands Chapeaux and now a Dalek invested London in 2150AD (the setting of the second of the 1960’s “Dr Who” films).
Troop Types
Daleks: Use High Elf stats walk move only on flat surfaces. Not able to traverse rubble or stairs. Treat weapon as High Elf musket that does not need reloading. A Dalek cannot be destroyed by weapons fire, only disorientated for one move when it will not move or fire buy a wounding shot.
Resistance: Human guerrillas (use Dwarf stats) armed with a  mix of weapons (treat as all armed with Dwarf muskets - which is reloaded as normal)
Robomen: Use Deadloque zombie stats but armed with a Dwarf musket that does not need reloading (so can fire every turn)
Orcs: Use the section from the original box.
The Mission
Sharke has decided that the weapon used by the Daleks could potentially turn the war against the High Elves Wheeling-Turn’s way, if only they could capture one of the “light” guns. The Orcs cross paths with a Human Resistance unit who, believing them to be friendly aliens from “another world” share intel that identifies a Dalek weapon storage facility across the ruined city of London where they light be able to acquire one of the weapons and a power source.
Trying to get across the rubble strewn surface of the city is suicide, but the Resistance show the Orcs access to the Underground and provide a rough map of how to get to the weapons store.
The Game
To play this game, one player will need to take the role of the umpire (don’t worry this is more fun as you control the Daleks).
For a board I would suggest using a the floor plans from a SF game such as Space Hulk, AvP or Project Pandora or the SF system from Battle Systems(or similar). Exactly want you use is not important, but the umpire lays out the board stipulating the Orcs starting point and where the armoury is.
The Orc player can then place 3 plus D6 piles of ruins which will form obstacles for advancing Daleks (Resistance, Robomen and the Orcs will treat has rough terrain).
Once that has been done the Umpire places 20 numbered circular cards or counters are various positions on the board, but not in line of sight of the Orcs starting position. The Umpire moves these up to six inches (but not across any rubble) each turn if they wish.
The Orc player can split his unit to take different routes at the start or any time during the game.
The game progresses as normal until a counter moves into line of sight. Once this happens the Umpire flips the counter revealing the number on the token, replacing it with what is stipulated below:
1 - just some rats. Ignore them.
2 - some more rubble.
3 - Two Robomen who will attack you.
4 - just some rats. Ignore them.
5 - Two Human Resistance fighters who will join your mission.
6 - Savanger helps you. The Orc take another turn immediately.
7 - Two Robomen who will attack you.
8 - A solitary Dalek who will attack you.
9 - just some rats. Ignore them.
10 - Three Human Resistance fighters who will join your mission.
11 - iron grate. Impassable, you must take another route
12 - Three Robomen who will attack you.
13 - You may be lost, the Orcs spend a turn looking at the map mot moving.
14 - just some rats. Ignore them.
15 - Five Human Resistance fighters who will join your mission.
16 - A solitary Dalek who will attack you.
17 - Five Robomen who will attack you.
18 - just some rats. Ignore them.
19 - Three Daleks who will attack you.
20 - Doctor Who? A bumbling old human with a two juvenile females appear. They are too busy to spend any time with the Orcs but with a wave of his magic wand (he calls it a sonic screwdriver) reveals to the Orcs what all counters within twelve inches of their position are (the Umpire must tell the Orc player what the counters represent but does not replace the counter. The Orc player will need to remember what they are once the Doctor wanders off).
Once, if, the Orcs reach the armoury, they retrieve the prize they want and escape to the surface and safety (for now).
“Yes my dear Sharke”, the old man said gesticulating at a panel of spheres “if you press that one it will teleport you and your er… men home. Jelly baby anyone?”
Shake took a step forward, his fingers wavering over the brass sphere the human had indicated. “Would this get them back to Valon he mused? Artur’s Teeth! Anything was better than this world of weird old men and muderous metal pots” He pushed the sphere…
A bright light, then a confusing mass of swirling lights, a vortex and he fell down… down… down.
Suddenly he was underwater!. Desperate he grabbed... something and pushed his head above the water…
And found himself nose to nose with the Duke of Wheeling-Turn!
“Gawd! Sharke!!!! What are you doing in my bath? And would you kindly remove your hand from my todger?!!”


The End.


Webmaster's Notes

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! "Sharke's Doctor" was written exclusively for OITW's 2015 Advent Calendar and was first published on Wednesday 23rd December 2015.