flintloque-logo-304x90"Britt Shotte"

A Flintloque Scenario by Gavin Syme

Updated for Flintloque 3rd Edition by Craig Andrews

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A desperate lack of black powder leads to a last gasp race to steal some from a lone Orcish Commissariat trooper and his pack mule. Will the Orc lads of Captain Knoll Gallowsger reach an oasis of dry powder, or in a blur will Captaine Demone Augburrne reach the mule first?


It was a long way to Catalucia from the grimy cobbles of Mudchester and despite continued bickering, and the odd bout of bare knuckle boxing, the two brothers Gallowsger has risen from the red coated ranks of the Orcs in Wheeling-Turn's army to become figures of some notoriety. Knoll and Lyum Gallowsger now led their own private band in search of some kind of glory that each thought would be found in the morning when they awoke. So far, despite having some success and even earning the praise of that legend of the Army of Albion, Gorge Forcsby, they were now on the verge of disaster once again.

Grasping a small sheaf of dirty bits of paper in his hands Knoll turned to his brother and said.

'Ere, our kid, its say's here that were to be here now'

With an easily acquired sneer across his sharpened tusks his brother Lyum replied.

'Sorted, like, dat Major in da Krautian Giant Legion says it’s here and though I hates the bugger I'm not one to argue with Ogres and try to be standing on the shoulders of giants.'

Turning each piece of paper over in his hands the elder brother sneered back. It would be easy to be confident except for the fact that the sixty rounds of ball for their muskets had long run out and each Orc in the section had only enough black powder for one more shot. If the Ogre patrol did not arrive then no matter the heathen chemistry that brought about the creation of their 'bessies' they would be no good for anything but well crafted bludgeons.

'Brov, don't believe the truth, when officers tell it to you like. Their all mad for it when comes to killing us poor sods off'.

'If we don't find more powder soon then the next lot of those pointy eared Elves what runs into us will have no bother making us into digsy's dinner'.

Lyum used the blade of his sergeant's halberd to pick at his teeth and then spat out an answer.

'They might dig out your soul brov, but I'll just roll wiv it.'

Knoll snorted and thought once again that though he needed his brother, life might be a damned sight more simple on his own. But he had sired several little orclings with one of the finest camp followers, one of the two Applorc sisters; he would just have to be himself, he couldn't be no-one else.

It was at this point that private Iss Shardrock, the most recent addition to the section, reported having seen a lone laden mule from the Commissariat in the valley ahead; and it looked like it was carrying several kegs of black powder no less. There were Elvish patrols in the area but that had never put the brothers Gallowsger off before. Because if any other band stood in him and his brothers' way he would just have to have a good old fashioned Britorcn Pop at them!


Map and Set Up

The scenario takes place in a shallow valley with an easily fordable stream running across its middle from east to west, gentle sloped sides lead up lightly wooded grass to the north and south. There are several rocky outcrops which should be randomly sited (or in a GM run game purposefully placed by the GM).

The Albion Commissariat trooper and his mule begin the game in the centre of the battlefield, the mule drinking from the stream; toss a coin for which side of the stream they are on with the winner choosing.

The Orcs of Captain Gallowsger must begin no further than 10cm from the north table edge and within 5cm of each other.

The Elves of Capitaine Augburne begin no further than 10cm from the south table edge and within 5cm of each other.


Scenario Objectives

The Orcs of Albion

Run down the hill and get the powder from that sodding lazy bag boy, then kill all those tuneless Elves. Will they triumph, definitely, maybe?

The Elves of Armorica

Run down the hill and whimsically liberate the powder from the smelly Orc before killing the other Orcish louts. After all there is no other choice.

The Commissariat

You want to live through this day and while you really don't want to give up your supplies to any of those pilfering sods you will try to keep your head down.


Victory Conditions

Victory is achieved for either side by killing (or forcing to flee) all the members of the enemy section. It is considered a draw if the Commissariat mule or trooper is killed or they flee the table.

Game Length

The game lasts until one side has reached its victory conditions or until one side has no remaining troops alive or left on the battlefield.


Scenario Forces

The Albion Orcs – 9 Orcs

Captain Knoll Gallowsger - An Experienced Regular Orc
Sword, Standard Pistol.
Skill: Mad for It! - This skill gives the user an additional +1 in melee each Turn.

Sergeant Lyum Gallowsger - An Experienced Regular Orc
Halberd, Bessie Musket, Bayonet.
Skill: Roll with It! - This skill gives the user an additional +1 for morale each Turn.

Private Alum Whyte - An Average Regular Orc
Drum, Standard Pistol

Private Pol Arturs - An Average Regular Orc
Armed with a Bessie Musket with Bayonet.

Private Pol Migroggy - An Average Regular Orc
Armed with a Bessie Musket with Bayonet.

Private Tone Karroc - An Average Regular Orc
Armed with a Bessie Musket with Bayonet.

Private Gum Archorc - A Raw Regular Orc
Armed with a Bessie Musket with Bayonet.

Private Arc Bellie - A Raw Regular Orc
Armed with a Bessie Musket with Bayonet.

Private Iss Shardrock - A Raw Regular Orc
Armed with a Bessie Musket with Bayonet.

The Armorican Elves – 5 Elves, 1 Ogre

Captaine Demone Augburrne (Veteran Elite Regular Ferach Elf )
Sword, Ferach Pistol, Standard Grenade.
Skill: Park Life - This skill allows the character to ignore the first negative column shift for all movement over terrain in play.

Sarj Alexie Le'James - An Experienced Elite Regular Ferach Elf
Armed with a Ferach Elf Musket, Sword, Standard Pistol.
Skill: Coffe it be. This skill allows the character to re-roll any dice thrown by him or another player once per game.

Grame Le'Cox - An Experienced Regular Ferach Elf
Armed with a Ferach Elf Musket, Dagger

Daville Roaentree - An Average Regular Ferach Elf
Armed with a Ferach Elf Musket, Dagger

Andi La'Rosse - An Average Regular Ferach Elf
Armed with a Ferach Elf Musket, Dagger

Private Seymorstein - An Experienced Elite Regular Ogre
Armed with a Double Musket, Mace

Non Player Forces

The Albion Commissariat
Armed with an Orc Artillerie Pistol.


Scenario Special Rules

Limited Shotte - When play begins character armed with a black powder weapon has their weapon loaded with bayonets (if they have them) unattached. However, until they reach the mule and obtain more powder they are permitted only ONE shot with each weapon to reflect their total lack of powder.

Moving The Commissariat - The Commissariat trooper and mule must stay in base to base contact with each other and will move 10cm in a random direction each turn before either side activates, using the D12 clock method. This represents their confusion whilst the action unfolds around them. If this movement takes them off the table then the game is over.

Staying Out of Trouble - When moving the trooper and mule they will re-roll their direction if an Orc or Elf character is in their way (i.e. if the move would take the trooper into any characters engagement range).

When Push Comes to Shove - The Commissariat trooper is armed with an Orc Artillerie Pistol and will fire his weapon at the first Orc who comes within 10cm of him or the first Elf who comes within 20cm.

Eyes on the Prize - No member of either side can shoot the Albion Commissariat trooper or the mule for two reasons. Firstly, to find the needed supplies from the copious quantity that the mule carries whilst under fire is a task only the Commissariat can do. Secondly, the chance of setting off a keg of powder and failing the mission objective is too great. If any character attacks either the trooper or the mule in melee combat (although I’m not sure why they would) they will NOT be given any powder during the game (see below).

Powder! - To gain powder from the Commissariat a character must be activated within 3cm of the mule and not be engaged in melee combat. They then declare a special action for that turn. Roll 1D10 for the character. On a 6+ the Commissariat trooper is helpful and gives the character enough powder and ball to reload and use his weapons for the rest of the game; on a 5 or less the Commissariat trooper is too scared or unwilling to help and the character must attempt to gain powder in the next turn as before. There is no advantage in being an Orc here, stealing is stealing me laddo!


Optional Rules

Wylde Magicke - Flintloque is a fantasy game and as such all the characters should roll for Magickal abilities as per the normal rules.

Skills, Traits & Flaws - Whilst a few of the characters above have unique skills you can add Skills, Traits and Flaws as per the standard rules to further personalise your troops.

The Demon Drinke - If players wish they may also elect to make use of the Distractions & Asides article No 1 'The Demon Drinke' following its instructions and rolling for each character.


Miniatures for This Scenario

This scenario was written with Alternative Armies first Very Limited Edition Miniature, the Albion Commissariat, in mind but if you are not lucky enough to own one (as they have now sold out) you can easily use a proxy. The Orcs could be from 54503 and 54038. The Elves can be from 51507 and 51504 and the Ogre from 56004.

Check the Alternative Armies website for these codes.



Author’s Notes

This special Flintloque scenario was written exclusively for the Orcs in the Webbe website by Gavin Syme, creative manager of Alternative Armies and head of the World of Valon and Flintloque since 2003. Those of you who are familiar with the music of the mid to late 1990's might recognise the characters in this adventure, the scenario being an ode to the music that was playing in all of our backgrounds as Flintloque was becoming the excellent game it is today.


Webmaster’s Notes

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! “Britt Shotte” was originally published on the 3rd October 2008.

It was absent for several years due to a prior regeneration of the website not transferring everything over correctly, the wrong has now been righted and it returned on the 27th February 2015 as part of Orcs in the Webbe's ongoing Flintloque Archive Project.