Scours, Speeds and Sneaks, Part Two

"Foul Mouth Freddy Speeds through the ****ing Forest"

A Flintloque Scenario by Tony Harwood

Miniature and Photo by Tony Harwood

After a night of drinking and debauchery, having searched the town for the regimental busby and his Colonel's prize horse, Freddy must race across the countryside avoiding local bandits and vicious Ogre provosts.

Will he find what he has lost and make it back to camp in time for roll call?


You can find the first scenario of this campaign here.


Campaign Objective Update

Having searched Burrow Port Foul Mouth Freddy now has to get back to camp before noon roll call by whatever means, or he is going to be in very serious trouble.

Any loot Freddy found in the last scenario can be used in this scenario, see the 'Freddy's Loot' section below.

Don't forget that roll call takes place 30 turns after the campaign begans so be sure to keep track of how many turns go by in this scenario, adding them onto the total from the first one.

Notes on Playing this Scenario

The scenario below only takes about an hour to play through. Don’t forget that Freddy is still against the clock to get back to camp, engaging every enemy would take too bl**dy long (not to mention be too bl**dy dangerous). The scenario plays well either solitaire or with someone controlling the forces trying to catch dear old Freddy. As with any of Freddy’s tales of adventure, the re-telling of each tale washed down with rotgut brandy by a roaring fire leads to different endings. Who knows if the one in which you control Freddy for is the real story or just a variation on the original?

Part the Seconde: Foul Mouth Freddy Speed through the ****ing Forest


B*****ks! Freddy knew he was late, really bl**dy late. If only it hadn’t taken so long searching the bl**dy pox ridden town. Ah well, couldn’t be helped and the night on the p*** was well worth it. Now it was just a quick ride through the woods and across the bridge and he’d be back at camp. Easy as ****ing pie.

Unbeknownst to Freddy, due to the Albion Army camp being under quarantine and most of the soldiers being preoccupied, the local Dark Elven guerrillas (or Bl***y B*****d Bandits as Freddy calls them) have stepped up their presence and are now patrolling the forest looking to relieve anyone of their valuables and capture prisoners for ransom to aid in their fight against the Ferach occupying their homeland. Adding further to Freddy’s woes the Provosts, who have previously been concentrating on keeping soldiers in the camp, have had to turn their attention to keeping the Guerrillas away from the camp.

Map and Set Up

This game of Flintloque uses an Alternative Armies scenario method known as 'steeplechase' in which the characters involved are randomised as is the terrain for the game which is removed / added to during play. While Freddy himself (and Sheer Guard, if he found him) are set, the forces of the opposing player are random and are put into play as they 'pop up' during the course of the game.

The initial gaming table is made up of three 'tiles' each of 60cm length and 60cm width (roughly two foot square), these are laid out and any scenic items on them are rolled for before play begins (see special rules below). As soon as Freddy (or the last of any of his allies) moves on to the third tile the first tile is removed. All terrain and opposing miniatures who were on the first tile are removed from play at this point (this includes any characters who have lost consciousness or died). As soon as a tile is removed simply create another using the rules below to add to the end of the initial three tiles. During the scenario do this again for a fifth and finally a sixth tile. This means that Freddy has to cross a total of six tiles of enemy infested terrain to win the scenario. If an opposing character passes from their tile of origin and remains in play before Freddy moves off the last laid tile then they continue in pursuit.

The initial set up of three tiles should be made using the special rules below and Freddy should be placed within 5cm of the starting edge of the first terrain tile.

Game Length

The game lasts until Freddy either escapes off the sixth tile or breathes his last breath on the dusty Catalucian ground.

Scenario Forces

Foul Mouth Freddy (on a Horse no less)
Veteran Orc Sergeant.
Skill: Loud and Foul Mouth - Freddy has a coarse tongue and uses it often and well, In melee all mortal enemies suffer a -2 to their melee roll when fighting him.
Trait: Daisy Roots – Due to the size of his large previously-owned-by-an-Ogre boots Freddy gets +1 Impact when he wins a melee.
Flaw: Sauce – As per the Flintloque rulebook.

If Freddy managed to get Sheer Guard in the first scenario then he gets a 10% bonus to movement (rounding down) on top of the normal Light Horse movement rates as Sheer Guard is a well above average horse. If he didn’t then it’s assumed he has managed to pick up a mount in the outskirts of Burrow Port. However, Burrow Port being as it is in these times of war, it might not be the ideal mount to be affecting an escape on. Roll 1D10 and check the Catalucian Theatre Mounts Statistics table (5025 Flintloque: War in Catalucia p. 84), where 1 = Light Horse, 2 = Heavy Horse etc. If a 10 is rolled then against all the odds when leaving the town Freddy stumbles upon none other than Sheer Guard, clever bugger must have gotten away from those b****y Dark Elves all on his own.

During his flight from the town Freddy has also managed to lay his hands on a standard carbine on top of any weapons he found in Burrow Port during the first scenario. Any weapons he did pick up are assumed to have been reloaded before this scenario begins.

Also, inspired by sheer bl***y mortal peril Freddy gains the 'Load on the Trot' skill for this scenario. This means he may fire any of his weapons at a Run / Gallop speed with no penalty and may also reload all pistols and carbines in one turn on horseback if moving at a Trot or less.

Scenario Special Rules

Random Generator

Roll a D100 when prompted and place the resulting forces in the required place on the table.

01-25. A small band of Bl***y B*****d Bandits have spotted Freddy and more importantly his loot. 4 Dark Elf Guerrillas (Average, Raw, Raw, Raw) armed with Dark Elf Musketoons.
26-50. Some of the Bl****y B*****d Bandit leaders have been made aware of Freddy’s flight through their countryside. 3 Dark Elf Guerrillas (Average, Average, Raw) armed with Dark Elf Musketoons.
51-75. The Bl***y B*****d Bandits take up pursuit of Freddy and his loot! 2 Mounted Dark Elf Guerrillas (Experienced, Average) armed with swords and Gutter Pistols (5027 Grapeshotte p.66). The mount are Light Horses.
75-90. The ****ing Provosts ! 1 Mounted Average Ogre Provost Corporal on horseback, armed with an Ogre Big Bessie (Grapeshotte p.76). His mount is a Rhino (5026 Flintloque Death in the Snow p.86)
91-100. The full might of the Provost Corps is in the area. 1 Raw Elite Ogre Provost Lieutenant, armed with a sword and an Ogre pistol (5027 Grapeshotte p76). He is accompanied by 2 Average Corporals armed with standard carbines.

Terrain Tiles and Set Up

Each tile is set up as follows. Firstly roll for its type:

D10 Roll

1-7. Grass land tile (Flat with no natural rough or wet terrain)
8. Heavy Going tile (As above except +2 on each scenic item roll for each quarter)
9. Hilly tile (the whole tile has a natural slope upward from entry point, which means a reduction in all uphill movement of 20%, and an increase of 20% in all downhill movement)
10. River tile (this tile has a shallow stream, 5cm wide, running over it, this can be forded by mounted characters as Difficult Terrain, but not by characters on foot. There is a narrow wooden bridge in the centre of the tile spanning the water, wide enough for two mounted miniatures abreast)

Once the tile type has been rolled for and placed it is divided into four quarters and a scenic features roll made for each quarter. Each scenic feature rolled is placed on the table by Freddy’s player anywhere inside that quarter. A quarter can hold more than one scenic feature if required (fences, rivers etc).

D10 Roll
1-3. No Scenic Feature
4. Patch of Rough Terrain 5cm wide and 10cm long.
5. Three bushes placed within 3cm of each other.
6. Four Trees placed within 5cm of each other.
7. A length of fence (counts as low wall) between 5cm and 20cm long with one 90 degree turn.
8. Small Pool (irregular no wider than 10cm and no longer than 5cm) cannot be crossed, must be ridden around.
9. Small Building (foot print of no more than 8cm square). This must be ridden around.
10. Roll twice again on this table.

Once the scenic features are placed on each quarter of the tile then the player opposing Freddy rolls again for each quarter and on a roll of 5 or more he gets to roll on the Random Forces Generator (above) and places the resulting troops anywhere within 5cm of the edges of that quarter and within 3cm of each other. They may then move and act when activated as normal.

Freddy’s Loot

During this ride Freddy will, most likely, have the odds heavily stacked against him. Hopefully Freddy has a few items in his possession which can make things go a lot smoother for him.

Trinkets – Freddy can drop a trinket to attempt to dissuade pursuit from any bandit. A D10 is rolled for each bandit within 45cm of Freddy to see if their greed outweighs the need to catch Freddy. If a 6 or higher is rolled they head straight to where the trinket was dropped and spend one turn looking for it. This can affect more than one bandit, if this is the case they are assumed to be scrabbling for the loot amongst themselves.

There are some modifiers depending on the experience of the bandit.

Character is Raw +1
Character is Experienced -1
Character is Elite -2

Rotgut Brandy – Can be used in two ways. Firstly it can be used as an explosive as per the rules in the Demon Drinke article mentioned above. It is treated as an Elf Fyre grenade. Alternatively Freddy, well used to a bit of Dutch courage on long campaigns, can drink it to restore 1D3 wounds.

Heirlooms – Heirlooms work in exactly the same way as trinkets but the bandits get no roll to resist the lure. Heirlooms also work on Provosts but a roll must be made as per trinkets affecting bandits.

The Busby – If Freddy is wearing the Busby there is a chance that any Provosts that are encountered will actually defend Freddy as they believe him to be a Catatonic messenger relaying a message to the camp. Roll a D10 when a Provost section is generated, on a roll of 7 or more control of that section passes to Freddy’s player.

Scenario Notes

The unusual mechanics for this Flintloque scenario are based on Gavin Syme’s “Cross Country Canine Chase” published on Orcs in the Webbe back in 2008.

If you would like to know a bit more about the Ogre Provosts and their efforts to ‘dissuade’ deserters you can try out Simon Evans classic Flintloque scenario, “Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are” also found on Orcs in the Webbe.

Miniatures for your Collection

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Webmaster's Notes

This article was originaly published on Alternative Armies' content portal, Barking Irons, and is reproduced here with permission.


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