The Llednevir Chronicles

"Love and Death in Llednevir"

A Flintloque Scenario by CJ Hooper


The forbidden love ‘twixt ‘Goblin and Toad causes trouble between the Hobgoblin and Todoroni inhabitants of Tarrwen Harbour, a small fishing town in the county of Llednevir, deep in Taffsea.


To Begin at the Beginning...

To begin at the beginning, we look to the forgotten, but for fables, town of Llednevir. Llednevir Under Mirkywood, home to a group of Hobgoblins from Taffsea for centuries. Passing their peaceful lives fishing, drinking, dining on salt water trout, sleeping and dreaming. Dreaming of the murky depths of Tarrwen Harbour.

Then one day out the impenetrable dire fog lurched the slow, crow black, battle weary frigate of La Storia. A creaking hulk of a ship, captained by Blind Old Captain Hatt. Late of the Nepolise Navy, lost and adrift with his loyal crew of Todoroni. The wreckers coast claimed the boat and drew the Nepolise crew ashore, hopping and limping into the welcoming arms of an inn called The Sailor’s Fancy. There in turn to be nursed back to health by the publican Sinworse the Sailor and his many, many wives.

The Nepolise made their home amongst the Hobgoblins, La Storia pulled from the murk of Tarrwenn harbour and kept ship shape and homely for the old blind Captain Hatt. Many were the friendships forged between hobgoblin and frog. Where peace should have reigned there would be strife.

In the halls of the batrachians there were murmurings and chants to their ancient fish god Dagontwyswifchips. For they had brought with them this terrible worship and their fiendish lord lay hidden beneath the waves for the day when he shall rise up and claim all as his own. For the batrachians the stars are now right, they shall hold their dark rite in the crypt of St. Brunnhilde’s of the Cleft Wing Under Mirkywood and awaken their sunken master.

Blissfully ignorant of the impending doom from the shroud of the sea, the town sleeps on. The deceiving dawn before dawn light creeps over the Taffsea coastline. A deep mist rises from the harbour, the boats bobbing on the clouds of morning. ‘Neath the woollen weave of the sea a blind creature sleeps, not dead but dreaming.

For the Hobgoblins of Llednevir they would have been sure to perish were it not for the fate of two star crossed lovers. The forbidden love ‘twixt ‘Goblin and Toad had ventured into the night and drew out Erstwhile Guv the Shipman, of the Nepolise Navy and Staysee of the West, Daughter of Lleu, big Hobgoblin of Llednevir.

For on that same morning that heralded the rise of Dagontwyswifchips, Staysee West, Daughter of Lleu was missing, her bed not slept in. Seeing the toad like print on the window ledge and the salt sea water puddle on the floor Big Lleu raged and flew from the bellowing mouth of his Coronation street, pink stuccoed hovel. Flew he to the Town Hall and seized upon months of unspoken xenophobia, now realised. The town bell tolled out the Nine Sailors, a warning to all that someone was about to die... and it would be someone toad like.

Scenario Forces

The Townsfolk

There are 14 townsfolk all unskilled fighters except for the Blacksmith and Sinworse the Sailor. Create a section as per the rules on page 46 of Flintloque - War in Catalucia (5025). Everyone should be Raw and have the troop status, Civilian except for the Blacksmith and Sinworse who are both experienced and get the troop type Irregular. You should use the Skills, Traits and Flaws as per the rules to flesh out your mob.

The townsfolk are all armed with small and large improvised weapons. They also have two old Standard Muskets. Due to thie age if doubles are rolled then it is always treated as a misfire (so no criticials possible).

Lleu The Big is also part of the townsfolk's section and is considered to be thier section leader with Sinworse as thier second.

Lleu The Big / Hobgoblin Veteran / Irregular
Brawler / Valley Voice / Large Fellow / Death of a Boyo

The Cultists

There are 10 Todoroni cultists which include thier High Preist Hoolio Iclazyarse and of course, Captain Hatt. Create a section as per the rules on page 46 of Flintloque - War in Catalucia (5025). There are 5 Raw Todoroni and 3 Average Todoroni. They all should have the troop status, Irregular. You should use the Skills, Traits and Flaws as per the rules to flesh out your cultists. They are all Little Todoroni except for Captain Hatt.

Captain Hatt / Veteran Todoroni / Marine
Boarding Technique / Improved Command (1), Iron Hard, Foul Temper, Milky Eyes
Standard Pistol, Sword

High Priest Hoolio Iclazyarse / Expercienced Little Todoroni / Irregular
Slimy Tongue / Stealth / Nerves of Steel / Prayer
Magicke Talent - Roll twice on the Magicke Talent Table (p.63) for Iclazyarse, the first result is at latent level, the second potent.
Staff (+2 to Melee)

Hatt is the section leader and Iclazyarse it's second.

Map & Setup

Tarrwen harbour Map ~|~

The townsfolk begin the game in the centre of the map by the town hall as a rampaging mob.

The Cultists start by the hall of Dagontwyswifchips which is on the far end of the harbour (at the opposite corner of the map to the church of St. Brunnhilde).

Guv and Staysee start off the board hidden in one of the buildings.


The Townsfolk

The objectives here are simple; to kill Guv the Midshipman and all his kind or drive the Frogs back into the sea, when where they return to their ancestral deeps...

The Cultists

The cultists have two possible objectives.

(1) Reach the Church of St. Brunnhilde and complete the Ritual to awaken Dagontwyswifchips. This involves four cultists (one of which must be Hoolio Iclazyarse, the cult leader) holding the church for at least three turns without interruption. If they are successful Dagontwyswifchips rises - there is nothing you can do but wait for the sequel!


(2) Get all the crew or as many as possible, aboard La Storia, refloat it and escape from Tarrwen Harbour! To suceed in this objective the escapees must include Midshipman Guv and Captain Hatt. It takes five crewmen three uninterrupted activations to get the ship back into water and afloat.


An Inspector Calls

Owen the Plod, steadfast Hobgoblin watchman of Llednevir, is not interested in fighting and is looking for Guv and Staysee the old fashioned way. He starts at one end of the main street and searches from house to house until he finds the lovers locked in their (possibly terminal) embrace.

Special Rules for Owen The Plod

He is not controlled by either player directly.

There are twelve buildings in Llednevir (in two streets above the harbour).

Owen moves from building to building, one per turn . On arrival at each building a D12 is rolled. The roll of a 12 at the first house indicates that he has found the lovers. At the second house a roll of 12 or 11 is required and so the chances increase with each search, each unsuccessful search increases the odds of success for the next one.

However, the longer it takes for the star crossed lovers to be found the greater the chance is that they have despaired of the raging battle outside and have taken their own lives. So the roll that was required to find the lovers must be taken again with the same odds. The outcome this time being that if the number is rolled then the lovers are dead.

For example on turn 4 the D12 is rolled, on a 9,10,11 or 12 the lovers are found. The roll is a 10 they have been found ! However a D12 is rolled again, on a 9,10,11 or 12 the lovers have taken thier own lives.

Note that Guv The Midshipman needs to be alive for the Frogs to escape on La Storia, if he is dead then they can only achieve victory by raising Dagontwyswifchips.

If they are found alive control of each passes to their respective players. At this point the Townsfolk player has an additional way of winning the game, if they can move Staysee into base to base contact with Big Lleu and they both remain for one activation uninterupted she is able to explain the situation to him and he, truly caring for his daughter, is willing to talk to Guv. After this if Big Lleu moves into base to base contact with Guv they win the game as hostilities draw to a close. The Todoroni player controlling Guv should try and keep Guv away from Leu as Guv thinks he's after his head.

Staysee / Raw Hobgoblin / Civilian
Athletic / Sprig of Leek / Rapport (Guv)
Small Improvised Weapon

Guv / Experienced Small Todoroni / Marine
Jamminess / Hop Atop / Rapport (Staysee)


Webmaster's Notes

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! "Love and Death in Llednevir" was written exclusively for OITW's 2009 Advent Calendar and was first published on Thursday 17th December 2009.

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