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An Orcs in the Webbe Original! A partly automated automated Character Card Calculator' with twenty tabs, one for each of your squad.


"Flintloque Character Card Calculator"

A Flintloque Resource by Craig Andrews


A partly automated automated Character Card Calculator' with twenty tabs, one for each of your squad.


Quite a while back on the Notables Yahoo Group I really liked the idea someone had about using character cards for Flintloque but didn't have the time to create individual ones for all the scenarios published here on OITW. I needed something quicker. After many many attempts, curses and determination I came up with the following, a fully automated 'card generator' with twenty tabs, one for each of your squad. I no longer even print them out, I just keep them on my laptop and amend as the game progresses.

It contains all the races, weapons, skills, traits and flaws found in Flintloque 5025 War in Catalucia. If it's a success I may see about adding Death in the Snow, Bier & Bones and Grapeshotte into it. It does not contain points calculations as I personally don't use them but if enough people badger me I will see about adding them in to the formulae.

One thing I need to point out is that it was created with Microsoft Excel 2010 and may only work with the newer 2007 and 2010 versions of Excel due to the additional merging and formulas I have used in building it. I did open it on a machine running XP with Office 2003 with the backwards compatibility patch from Microsoft and it seemed to work properly but gave two error warnings, one regarding conditional formatting (as older excel is limited to 3 conditions per cell) and one regarding merging cells. I'm not going to be able to backwards engineer it I'm afraid. Let us know if it works with your setup.

Also to look 100% correct it needs the Caslon Antique VL and Garamond fonts.

If you can open it, you will realise it is, frankly, bloody brilliant. I happily put aside my modesty as I am overjoyed with the result.

Undoubtedly on something this complex there will be problems and errors. If you find any please let me know on the Notables Yahoo group or by emailing me directly webmaster (at) orcsinthewebbe (dot) co (dot) uk.

Some notes on use:

- You can select any of the 'darker' cells.
- For Elite select the cell directly below the Character Name.
- For Exquisite Weapons select the cell that says Melee Weapon and change it to Exquisite.
- The Hits cell is for your own use, nothing is autocalculated for or by it.
- Wylde Magicke has to be in-putted into the Notes cell.
- As Bog Orcs National Characteristic varies depending on if they are allied to Albion or The Ferach use the cell directly underneath race to choose which and the National Characteristic should update.

I have filled in the file below with the example Ferach Elf Section from Page 55 of the War in Catalucia Rulebook (5025).

Right click here and select 'Save As' (or however your browser normally handles downloads) [3.87MB] ~#~ .


Webmaster's Notes

The "Flintloque Character Card Calculator" was created by Craig Andrews and was first published by Orcs in the Webbe as part of it's 2011 Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar on Tuesday 13th December 2011.