• Tilting



    Tilting is the name of Matthew Hartley's original game representing the Afghan sport of Buzkashi, where teams of mounted players fight for control of the decapitated remains of a goat (it is a real world sport! Just Google it.). Utilising a fast and unique set of rules you can play this somewhat mad and frantic sport with a few friends on your gaming table. The sport, being a bit 'out there' easily lends itself to different settings.  

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  • Tony Harwood


    Tony Harwood

    Born and brought up in Swansea, South Wales, Tony now lives in Droitwich with his wife Sue but still thinks of himself as a 'Jack'. Like his Grandfather, Father and Uncle, he has made models, painted toy soldiers and wargamed since he was a very young boy and now feels privileged that he has the time to dedicate to his hobby.

    Website: http://dampfpanzerwagon.blogspot.co.uk

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