• Foul Mouth Freddy

    Miniature Converted, Painted, Based and Photographed by Tony Harwood

    Foul Mouth Freddy

    In all of Kyng Georgie Porgies Albion armed forces there can be few that can match the pure downright depravity of the Hobgoblin Orc Foul Mouth Freddy. The early years are shrouded in a mist so thick that you could cut it with a blunt bayonet, although Freddy himself will tell you of how he used to con gullible young Orcs in the Municipal Borstal with a two-headed, silver 6d coin. Later and after a number of dubious occupations Freddy was once again called up in front of the ‘Beak’, the options were stark, a long stretch in prison or join the army. The army won and Freddy found that his straight talking manner and ability to delegate soon saw him rise to the rank of Sergeant in the campaigns against the usurper Mordred. The rank of sergeant suited Freddy and if only he had been able to keep his foul mouth and love of Booze and She Orcs under control, Freddy’s military career could have been so very different.  Freddy has the uncanny knack of always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time – and usually to senior officers or the wives/daughters of senior officers! On many occasions Freddy has been flogged or placed in the brig, he has removed and re-stitched his sergeant stripes so often that he now just ties them on with ribbon! However the truth is that Freddy is that rare Orc – a born soldier! And a good soldier at that!

    Tag Type: Character
    Point of View: Valon


    Foul Mouth Freddy was created by Tony Harwood and was first published in the 2009 Flintloque Adventure "Foul Mouth Freddy Spikes the ****ing Gun" right hereonOrcs in the Webbe.

    Based on his Godfather you can read more about Freddy's genesis over on Tony's superb blog here.

    Alternative Armies' produced a 'Very Limited Edition' miniature of Foul Mouth Freddy, limited to only 250 casts. If you're very lucky you might still be able to order one from thier website here

  • Frontear

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    In 2008, after the success of Flintloque Reloaded, Alternative Armies released a follow up using Reloaded's updated "2nd Edition" ruleset which told the history of the Amerkan continent in the West of Valon far from the Mordredian Wars in Urop. The background was tremendously detailed telling of it's original beginnings all the way through to the 4th Age (when the Mordredian Wars are set) and even saw the dawn of the 5th Age as new types weaponry were discovered. It also introduced a host of new races including insectoids, avians and ursidaens. A number of miniatures were released focusing on a couple of periods detailed in the rulebook (which can still be ordered from Alternative Armies on the link below). Orcs in the Webbe threw itself into supporting the game and throughout 2008 and beyond a number of articles and adventures were published. Sadly the scope of the book was a little too broad and many people wanted full ranges of miniatures for all of the new races to be released. As with any new ruleset release this was not really viable at the time. With only a small range of miniatures released interest in Frontear waned.

    However, never one to let the unavailability of a game affect its releases (after all, that's how it all started back in 2004) Orcs in the Webbe shall continue to support Frontear in the hope that one day it will be re-released updated to 3rd Edition (perhaps in smaller, easily digestible sections with conversion notes on how to go about creating the fantasical characters and races found within...)

    Publisher's Website: https://www.alternative-armies.com/search?q=frontear

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    Point of View: Real World

  • Gavin Syme


    Gavin Syme

    Gavin Syme is the creative manager of Alternative Armies and 15mm.co.uk and is the chap solely responsible for the official ongoing development of the World of Valon. He has also designed a good number of game systems including Flintloque 3rd Edition, MOTH, USE ME and Firefight 2.0, some on his own and some with talented fellows like Alex Draper, Bob Minadeo, Mike White, Steve Hazuka and Alex Self.

    Website: http://www.gavinsyme.co.uk/

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    Point of View: Real World

  • Gobliana Joonz


    Gobliana Joonz

    Always seeking things to sell, melt down or sleep with (or some combination thereof), the famed East Valonian Orc adventurer often finds himself in a variety of exotic locales throughout Valon with little to no official knowledge or support, thwarting the plans of Mordred's archaeologists and, on occasion, saving the world.

    Tag Type: Character
    Point of View: Valon

  • Gravinski Reanimator


    Gravinski Reanimator

    This device and its operators gave rise to real fear in the enemies of the Dark Czar for it is the Graviski Re-animator that creates new Undead from the broken bodies of fallen mortal soldiers.

    Tag Type: Character
    Point of View: Valon

    [Full rules for the Gravinski Reanimator Flintloque 3rd Edition can be found in the Alternative Armies Rulebook, Death in the Snow, p.80 - Craig]