• Above and Beyond the Call of Dutiful Harvest

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! The Scarlet Sages, a specially assembled team of Orcs chosen by Chûrg-ill himself, is sent on a dangerous mission in the Gnomish lands to investigate reports that the farmers there may have made a break through that could change the course of the war. The Dwarvish High Command has also dispatched a unit to investigate. Only one side can leave with the secret of the mutated Mushrooms...

  • Dungeons Deep

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! A Troglodyte squad, tasked with escorting a very important dignitary through an underground complex, run into a few surprises along the way in this Panzerfäuste Short Story.

  • Conflictual Sustenance

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! Two Schweinhundereite squads leading twice as many Straftruppen are cut off from HQ waiting for an Orc convoy when foraging fails and tempers begin to fray in this Panzerfäuste short story.

  • Dead to Rites

    An Orcs in the Webbe Original! An old custom sees a group of children led deep into the dark forest where ancient words are spoken as something stirs in this chilling Panzerfäuste short story...

  • Shellshocked III

    An Orcs in the Webbe Exclusive! Continuing the cracking tale of Henri the Gnome from Gung-Ho Geeks we present for your reading pleasure...