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"Happy Burger Cart"

An Introductory HOF Fire Team Scenario for Two Players by Gavin Syme


Canlastrian Mustermen find themselves pitched against Prydian Knights in the Mercer Public Park in Neu-Boston.


Get On the Tiles! - An Introduction to HOF Fire Team

HOF Fire Team is a dynamic tile based wargame which means that you may not be familiar with the way it works if you are used to an open table system that uses measured distances and not squares for movement and other ranges in play. That being said the mechanics of HOFFT (our little nickname for the game!) are simple and elegant and will not take long to learn. In fact using these starter scenarios, collectively titled "Get On the Tiles!" is a sure way to get you into the swing of the game even faster.

To make use of these scenarios you will need some wargaming items and supplies all of which can be found on A copy of HOF Fire Team and the three initial tile sets will give you the rules and all needed terrain. Ten or so six sided dice (D6) and some game counters.

Here is a list of the miniatures that the author used from his collection across the Get On the Tiles! series of scenarios (with their uniform scheme in parenthesis).

HOF1 - Four Miniatures (Prydian Army)
HOF2 - Four Miniatures (Prydian Army)
HOF3 - Eight Miniatures (4 Prydian Army & 4 League of Canlaster)
HOF4 - Eight Miniatures (4 Prydian Army & 4 League of Canlaster)
HOF5 - Four Miniatures (League of Canlaster)
HOF6 - Four Miniatures (League of Canlaster)
HOF7 - Four Miniatures (League of Canlaster)
MSN50 - Four Miniatures (Adventurers)
MSN51 - Four Miniatures (Adventurers)

If you do not have these exact miniatures and you want to use what you already have then go ahead. As long as you know which miniature represents what character in play that is fine with us.

Have a read through your HOFFT rulebook and look at the examples of play and the structure of a typical turn. Once you are happy it is time to move onto the first scenario ‘Happy Burger Cart’ below which has but a single Team per side.


Scenario 1: Happy Burger Cart

The Mercer Public Park used to be beautiful and a favoured place for young families who wanted an afternoon outside in the sun in the middle of the vast city of Neu-Boston. There were no families here no and no sun either. In fact the park was in ruins with most of its Rubbacrete buildings and play grounds destroyed by weeks of fighting. Elements of the 283rd Regiment of the Prydian Army had lost and retaken Mercer from Baron Agreppo’s Canlastrian troops several times already.

In a quieter spot a small group of Canlastrian Mustermen had discovered an intact and functioning Happy Burger cart and were enjoying themselves. It was not as if rations were poor, Neu-Boston was a rich place, but Happy Burger brand meals were not to be missed. The cart was quickly re-programmed to accept voice orders without payment. Good times would have continued but for the arrival of Prydian Knights who perhaps wanted the cart but wanted the Canlastrians dead far more.


Scenario Objectives and Waypoint

This is a very simple scenario with a single objective; to be the last Team standing. This objective is achieved by killing or otherwise removing the entire enemy team from the battle boards.

There are no Waypoint instructions.


Scenario Set Up and Teams

hofft map happy burger cart

Consult the battle boards layout above and make it up from your collection of HOFFT official tiles. Then add the illustrated cover scenics from your collection as well in the correct places.

There are two teams from two sides in this scenario and their set up is given on the battle boards by the coloured circles which represent them. The RED circles are a Prydian Retained Knight Fire Team while the BLUE circles are a Canlaster Muster Fire Team. Arrangement of characters within each team on the assigned squares is the owning players choice. Use page 36-37 for Retained Knights and Muster Privates statistics and page 38 for Angis Rifle and Moth Type 6 weapon statistics.

The first turn begins as normal with an initiative roll for each player.


Special Scenario Rules

This is a bare basics scenario and as such it has no Waypoints and no Command Teams. Deal with this in play by not using Waypoints across the four battle boards and not assigning them in play. The functions of Command Teams are, when needed (such as Initiative) are filled by the present Fire Team with a zero modifier. There are no other special rules.


Scenario Notes

Only the core rules of Tech Levels, Movement, Ranged Firing and possibly Melee are at work in this scenario. The purpose for players in setting up and using ‘Happy Burger Cart’ is to get to grips with a very small and limited set up of one team per side.

Use HOF2 for the Knights and HOF6 for the Muster.

Enjoy and when you feel ready you can move on to the next adventure in ‘Why did the Chicken Cross the Road’ right here on Orcs in the Webbe.


Webmaster's Notes

You can find the rules for HOF:Fire Team as well as all the miniature codes mentioned above on Alternative Armies Online Store by clicking on this link.

This article was originally published on Alternative Armies' content portal Barking Irons Online on Wednesday 27th June 2012 and is reproduced here with permission.

Barking Irons Online was Alternative Armies' official content portal that I ran for them from 2011 until 2013, You can find (almost) all of the content it hosted on Orcs in the Webbe in the respective categories in the menus or browse through it all by clicking on the  maroon  "Barking Irons" tag below.