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An Original Adventure Gamebook by Helena Nash

murder run

In this brand new 14,000 word adventure gamebook you play as Cal bastard, a Half-Orc P.I. eking out a living in the lawless city of Edge. Waking with little memory of the night before, a dead body on the table before you and someone pounding on the door can you uncover the clues before it is too late?


Choose Your Own Adventure

In this game, you are Cal Bastard, a tough, sardonic private detective eking out a living in the crowded, lawless city of Edge. You rely on – and survive by – your wits and sharp eyes as much as your ability to handle yourself in a fight. Which is handy as you are also a despised half-orc; the lowest of the low, feared and scorned by enemies and clients alike.

Fortunately your mixed orcish and human heritage has a few physical advantages. And if all else fails, your gutter – a foot-long steel hook and blade – is a useful tool for resolving differences.

You have only one score to keep track of in this game, LIFE. Certain situations will cause you to lose LIFE, such as fights or accidents. You start the game with 10 LIFE. Make a note of your current LIFE at all times. When it drops to zero or below, your adventure is over.


You can give in to a devastating orcish rage to help you in combat ONCE only in the game, though the savage, merciless nature of your berserk state may not always be the smartest option. Choose wisely when to rage.


In the course of the game you may uncover information and physical evidence to help you solve the case. Clues are referred to by code words, such as MIRROR, though the meaning of the code word is random and unrelated to the actual clue.

When you discover a clue you will be prompted to write the code word down for future reference. You may be asked later in the game if you have recorded certain clues, which will enable you to take the investigation in certain directions.

But beware! Not everything you find is a clue. Some may be irrelevant or 'red herrings' which can distract you from uncovering the truth, while certain puzzles may require memory, observation and deduction rather than code words. Consider each clue carefully.

Finally, this game is a race against time. You may not always have the opportunity to investigate every clue, examine every item or get answers to every question, so prioritising your leads is essential.


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