"The Fright Before Christmas"

A 7TV Adventure Gamebook by Helena Nash


In this brand new 10,000 word adventure gamebook set in the world of Crooked Dice's 7TV you take on the role of Tweedy Mattison, a brilliant, if eccentric, scientific advisor to the British Department for Extraordinary Affairs (also known as Department X) as he investigates inexplicable accidents in a small country town...


Choose Your Own Adventure

In this game, you are Tweedy Mattison, a brilliant, if eccentric, scientific advisor to the British Department for Extraordinary Affairs, also known as Department X. Your inquisitive mind and flair for solving baffling mysteries is matched only by your ability to get into danger time and again. Fortunately, you are frequently partnered with resourceful police officer May Killan, the perfect person to watch your back in a fight.


The Rules

You have only one score to keep track of in this game, LIFE. Certain situations will cause you to lose LIFE, such as fights or accidents. You start the game with 6 LIFE. Make a note of your current LIFE at all times. When it drops to zero or below, your adventure is over.

You will be able to call on your friend May Killan to help you in combat ONCE only in the game, using an old-fashioned police whistle. Choose wisely when to call her.


The Gadgets

As an agent of Department X, you are equipped with a handful of advanced gadgets which may prove useful in the game. Select any two gadgets from the list below. Each may be used ONCE only.

Air Mask: A tiny mouthpiece and oxygen cylinder, enabling you to breathe underwater or withstand poisonous gas.

Climbing Suckers: Small but powerful suckers which attach to your hands and feet, enabling you to climb sheer surfaces

Infra-Red Spectacles: Specially treated goggles which enable you to see in the dark.

Mini Laser: A powerful laser the size of a pen, enabling you to cut through solid steel.

Photonic Spanner: This handy tool is excellent for opening locks and disrupting electronic devices.

Wristwatch Buzzsaw: A small circular saw built into an innocuous timepiece, enabling you to free yourself from the sturdiest of restraints.


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