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"Michrana Capello Carlos"

A Flintloque Character by Nikki Chatwin

Michrana Carlos Image
Photograph, Miniatures and Terrain by Alternative Armies

A diary found on the battlefield of Mauldango provides us with some details of the acclaimed Todoroni military leader, Michrana Capello Carlos. A toad of great stature, fine clothes and a tiny hat...


The following has been translated from a diary found on the battlefield of Maulandgo written by Servo Romano, a Todoroni servant...

"It is again the eve of battle and I have decided it's about time, now I am an old toad to account some of my long career as a military servant in the grand todoroni armies of napolise. In particular some of the weird and wonderful officers and generals I have served over the many years. I think it is fitting to start with my current commander as it is fresh in this old head. Michrana "Tiny hat" Carlos who I have had the honor to serve and his late father for close to two decades. I do say honor, though many including myself have said it has been a frustrating nightmare which at times it could be but there were two sides to Carlos, a side he is famous for and a side only his inner circle see.

The Michrana Carlos that everyone knows is the rich fabulous overweight Eccentric. An embellisher, storyteller, lover of fine foods, wines, art and fashion... a toad who likes to see himself as military fashion mogul coming up with new trends claiming they are "straight from Ferach capital itself" like his iconic tiny hat (which many tease him for and where he gets his nickname) that has a massive single fiery feather which he "claims'' he hand picked off the back of a slayed phoenix (this story is a little different than he claims but I'll save that for a later entry)... On paper Carlos is a master tactician with a great knowledge of military history which he has proved in the few skirmishes he has personally been on the field for and won but unfortunately the one major battle he was involved in has given him a bad reputation as a military leader in which he took shrapnel in the eye in the early moments of the battle blinding him in one eye, though if he tells you about the battle it's a very different story, I believe he always told me to say he "was" leading his troops on the front line, if I recall.

Then there is the other side of Carlos, a gentle,sensitive, loyal and chain smoking toad who likes to laugh. Always there for his friends and family, always treating his troops and servants as well as he could and passing on as much knowledge as he can to those that wanted it. A passionate collector of art, literature and smoking pipes (he claims he owns over 200 I have yet to see more than 20 though they are a very impressive 20 pipes) and an ameteur artist though his style might be a bit too abstract for these times. Yes like many under stress officers in this war he has his flaws one in particular he Is known for, his annoyingly frustrating indecisiveness when it comes to his regiments uniform which has lead to his regiment being a mixture of designs and colours and gaining the nickname "The Rainbow Militia" by his own troops and others. I remember a time he was inspecting his troops new brilliant white uniform, he spotted a handful wearing a number of older designs due to running of the new material, he pointed out a soldier dressed in purple (a more expensive material) and said "over there!! That one is beautiful!! And I don't mean the toad haha, I want them all in that colour!!!", you could physically see his tailors, fashion advisors and account's heads drop into their hands. But none of this reputation and jokes would phase Carlos and nothing would get in the way of his "artistic vision of war"as he liked to put it.

One of the best qualities of Michrana Capello Carlos is his genuine good heart, his pride and love for his men the rainbow militia and his ever growing retinue of field staff (that like to call themselves the "Dandy Boys") a rare trait among officers and not enough people give him credit for that. And one last thing can I point out how big this field staff is growing, last time I counted there were 30 including his own senior officers, servants, fashion advisors, his foreign tactical advisors which he adored, especially the eleven ones straight from the Ferach capital, artists, poets, a duellist, and a number of different nobels which he is trying to impress, out do or seduce. I even think there was a clown at one point. And how can I forget his very close personal friend and bodyguard a giant disfigured being we call "The Boar", a figure of many rumours and myths but we will leave that for another day, I'm rambling again and my old hands can't take writing for this long"


Rules for Flintloque

When playing Flintloque this character is treated as a Little Todoroni who is Regular / Experienced / Elite and armed with a Sword plus a Standard Pistol. He is a master of fashion and as a result when in command of a section of Todoroni he gains them all a +1 to their Discipline level when he is in play; as they look the business. He costs 44 Points.

Rules for Slaughterloo

When playing Slaughterloo this character is a SPECIAL UNIT OFFICER and may only command a Todoroni infantry unit of any kind (line, light, militia, grenadier etc). One per division character. He ensures his troops are excellently uniformed and as a result they may elect to pass any ONE FORM ROLL without making the roll per game. He costs 35 Points.


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Webmaster's Notes

This article was written exclusively for Orcs in the Webbe and was first published on the 15th December 2022 as the ninth entry of its 2022 Advent Calendar.