"Koop and Mursh"

A Flintloque 1st Edition Scenario by Mike Baumann
[Updated with notes for use with Flintloque 3rd Edition by Craig Andrews]


Paleodracologists Koop and Mursh clash with each other (not to mention some Native Eastern Valonian Centaurs) over the ownership of ancient bones.




The sound of Professor Koop's musket echoed across the arroyo. The leaden projectile slammed into the "back-dirt" pile scarcely a foot away from Doctor Mursh's head, sending a shower of silt into the startled Orc's face.

"Hah!" Koop yelled, frantically trying to wave away the thick cloud of sulfurous smoke his musket discharged and thus see the effect of his shot. "That ought to teach you to keep your damned snout out of my diggings!"

"Your diggings!" Doctor Mursh screamed, while leveling his own fireloque.


"This is my excavation!" He wailed. "We only left the area to get supplies!"

"Finders, keepers says I!" The professor replied in a thunderous voice.

"Koop, your nothing but a common thief!" The Doctor shrieked.

"And you know nothing of Draconian Evolution!"

"Well you don't even understand the Principal of Superposition!"




"By Durwhen, Mursh! You'll pay for that!"




The main characters in this scenario are Professor Koop, of Bozzturn University, and Doctor Mursh of the Neü Ork Institute of the Sciences. Both Koop and Mursh are eminent Paleodracologists, highly regarded in their field, for the wealth of information they have unearthed about the extinct species of Dragon (Draconus Tearyatobits). The Professor and the Doctor have a strong professional rivalry. To be more precise, they hate each other.

This antipathy grew out of a series of scholarly papers published in Scientific Valonican regarding the gestation period of a Draconic egg. Koop believed that the period was a century long, while Mursh placed the time nearer to fifty years. As the debate grew, the arguments on both sides became more heated. Both scientists took to slandering the others theorems and methodologies over even the most insignificant of discoveries. Things finally came to a head at the infamous brawl at The Yul Symposium on the Extinct Flora and Fauna of the Cantankerous Formation of Northern El Dorado. This altercation was but the first in a series of violent encounters between the two scholars.

This scenario depicts one of Koop and Mursh's encounters in the wilds of Eastern Valon. Doctor Mursh, having left the excavation to gather supplies, returns to find Professor Koop has taken over his dig. Mursh is determined to regain his site and its rich bone bed, while Koop is eager to keep this find for himself. It is designed to be played by two Players, with optional third Player rules presented in the Special and Optional Rules below. A Game Master would be handy to adjudicate disputes that may arise from the use of the new rules presented in this scenario, but is certainly not necessary.

The Original Map


koop and mursh map original


Editor's Note: Apologies for the rough map, I only have this image as a print off I made of the scenario way back when and it didn't scan that well. The squares to the top left of the excavation block are tents. You should arrange whatever scenery you have match the map above. However, if you are stuck for scenery you can download a rather cracking tabletop map by Robert Christiansen. It's completely free from DeviantArt, just click on the the link below:



archaeology dig map


The Characters

[Editor's Note: 1st Edition bonuses are really easy to use in 3rd Edition. Use Hand-To-Hand modifier as a Melee modifier and use any Morale modifier as a Disciplne modifier.]

Koop's Player

Professor Koop
An Experienced Elf Militia armed with a Standard Musket and a Colliarre Revolving Pistol. Koop counts as the Section Leader of his group.

Dean Swoire
A Raw Elf Civilian armed with a Pocket Pistol. Swoire is the Dean of the Bozzturn University Geology Department. He has accompanied the expedition as an observer and had no idea that he would be caught in the middle of a fire fight, as a result he gets a -1 Morale Modifier.

Albert O'Soor
An Average Bog Orc Civilian armed with a Crusti Carbine and a Rock Hammer (+1 in HtH Combat). Albert is Koop's graduate student assistant. A staunch supporter of the good Professor, he gains a +1 Morale modifier.

Ty Ranos
An Average Orc Civilian armed with a Standard Musket and a Pick (+2 in HtH Combat). Ty is attending University on a Smashball Scholarship. A hulking brute of an Orc, he gets a +1 modifier in HtH Combat and an Extra Wound.

Karl Nosoor
A Raw Dwarf Civilian armed with a Dwarf Musket and a Rock Hammer (+1 in HtH Combat).

Terry Donn
A Raw Elf Civilian armed with a Pepper-box and a Trowel (+0 in HtH Combat). He also has Magical Abilities with the spell of Speedy Flight.

Don Smiley
A Raw Rat Civilian armed with a Trade Musket and a Shovel (+1 in HtH Combat).

Mursh's Player

Doctor Mursh
An Experienced Orc Militia armed with an East Valonian "Chicken" Rifle, two Cavalry Pistols, and a Rock Hammer (+1 in HtH Combat). Mursh counts as the Section Leader of his group.

Ryan Camb
An Average Orc Civilian armed with an Orcton Double-Barreled Shottegun. Ryan is the Doctor's Graduate Student and has seen his fair share of scuffles.

Jerry Asick
An Average Orc Militia armed with a High Elf Musket and a Pick (+2 in HtH Combat).

Chris Taeshus
A Raw Elf Civilian armed with a Standard Carbine and a Rock Hammer (+1 in HtH Combat).

Paul O'Scene
A Raw Bog Orc Civilian armed with a Standard Musket and Shovel (+1 in HtH Combat).

Ollie Goseen
A Raw Dwarf Civilian armed with a Blunderbuss and a Pick (+2 in HtH Combat).

Set Up

Koop's Player may set up his forces anywhere in and around the area of the excavation. Mursh's Player enters his forces from the East Edge of the table. These Characters are traveling in two wagons, laden with supplies.

If the third Player option is being used, the Centaur braves will enter the fray 1D3+1 Turns after the battle has begun. The Centaur Player may enter from any table edge (his choice) except the East.

Terrain and Conditions

Backdirt Piles: The Backdirt piles are treated as High Walls for Movement and Firing purposes.

[Editor's note: For Flintloque 3rd edition treat these as Bogging Terrain]

Excavation Block: The edges of the Excavation Block are treated as Low Walls for Movement and Firing purposes. Characters within the trench may move as if in normal terrain. The Players should use common sense when determining who gets cover while in the block.

[Editor's note: For Flintloque 3rd edition treat these as Linear Obstacles]

Weather: Weather conditions are dry and sunny. No inclement weather will affect the scenario.

Special and Optional Rules

This scenario is designed to introduce many of the optional New Rules developed by Klaus Fritsch and myself. The Players should read over the House Rules for Leaders [see below], the Unit Status for Civilians (and Tribal War Parties if the third Player option is used) [see below], and review the new fyrearms utilized in this scenario on the Gunnes Article.

[* A lot of the work Mike did on New Fyrearms is covered for 3rd Edition in the Grapeshotte rulebook. You can simply choose the weapon closest to the one listed for each character or use the standard weapons from the main rulebooks. Mike's New Fyrearms article for 1st Edition is coming soon to Orcs in the Webbe.]

Civilian Status for Flintloque 1st Edition: Civilians are characters with no military or combat training. Whilst rarely encountered on the battlefield, they can still play a role in the skirmish-level conflicts of Flintloque. Civilians are treated as Militia for firing purposes (i.e., Guerrillas and Elite fire first) and misfire modifiers. In addition, they receive a -5% to hit in missile combat except with improvised weapons. In Hand to Hand Combat they get a -2 modifier. They receive a -1 Morale modifier. Finally, it takes Civilians twice as long to load gunpowder weapons. Individual status of Civilians can be any level, but the majority should be Raw. Characters who are not in the military need not be classified as Civilians. A variety of occupations provide the equivalent of military training. For example, highwaymen or poachers can be treated as Guerrillas, while constables can be treated as Militia. Non-military characters may be rated as Militia, Regular, Guerrilla or even Elite at the Game Master's discretion. 

[Editor's Note: The Flintloque 3e rulebook, Bier & Bones, which covers the War in Kartoffelburg includes official rules for the Civilian Troop Type on Page 75. However, if you do not have access to that you could adapt Mike Baumann's rules above giving them a -5% to hit modifier and have them not receive any benefit from Aimed Fire. Also give them a -2 modifier in melee and a -1 modifier to Discipline. Finally note that it takes Civilians twice as long to load gunpowder weapons. However, ]

Leaders in Flintloque 1st Edition: The following rule gives more "function" to section leaders: If a character fails a Morale Check within the command radius and in the line of sight of his/her/its section leader, the leader (who cannot be under any morale result) can try to alter the morale result by shouting at him/her/it and thus forcing a re-roll with the following modifiers for the leader's status: +2 for Veteran, +1 for Experienced, 0 for Average, -1 for Raw. The second roll stands, even if the result is worse than that of the original roll. Command radii are: 20cm for Militia leaders, 25cm for Regular leaders, 30cm for Elite and Guerrilla leaders. For larger sections there can be an "assistant section leaders" to take over after the death of the original leader.

[Editor's Note: Flintloque 3rd edition already has many rules covering Leaders most notably the variety of Officer Reputations and use of Command Point actions so the above is not needed.]


Third Player Option: The Centaurs

If you want to turn this scenario into a three-way brawl why not have a war party of Centaur Braves happen along?

The Centaur's Introduction

Ten Mares looked down on the foolish Un-men, skirmishing in the valley below.

"What in the name of Coyote are they doing?" he wondered aloud.

Hunters had brought word that the Un-men were digging up the bones of "The Great Scaled Flyer". The idiots! Even the youngest colt of his tribe knew that to disturb the remains of the ancient dragons was to bring desolation to the area.

Ten Mares had often pondered on the motivations of the Un-men. Their "thunder sticks" were proof that they had great learning, yet they seemed to know so little about how the world worked. They were fools, he decided. Fools who did not understand or care about the consequences of their action. They must be stopped!

Centaurs for Flintloque 1st Edition

I do not know what, if anything, Alternative Armies intends to do about Eastern Valon and the Native American element. My personal preference would be to see many different fantasy races representing the polyglot of Native American tribes and confederations in North America. Centaurs represent a possible tribe of Plains Indians that the Players may use for other scenarios set in Eastern Valon. The following rules are by no means "official".

Defence Factor 3
Wounds 4
Walk 14 cm
Trot 30 cm
Run 40 cm
Charge 60 cm
HtH Modifier +1
Note: Centaurs are treated as cavalry for movement purposes.

[Editor's Note: The stats above are for use with Flintloque 1st Edition. Alternative Armies did indeed go into detail about many of the races of Eastern Valon in the excellent supplement, Frontear, still available from Alternative Armies but sadly Centaurs were not used. However Centaurs were introduced as a Uropean race in the Mordredian Wars in the Death in the Snow rulebook on Page 82. If you don't have access to the book you can also find the stats in the official Flintloque Racial Tables (Mortal) PDF available for free from Alternative Armies.]

Ten Mares Player

Ten Mares
An Experienced, War Party Centaur armed with a Standard Musket, Lance and Knife. Ten Mares counts as the Section Leader of his band.

Iron Hoof
An Average, War Party Centaur armed with a Trade Musket and a Tomahawk (+1 in HtH Combat).

An Average, War Party Centaur armed with a Trade Musket and a Lance. He also has Magical Abilities with the Spells of Steady Shot and Heal One Wound (another's only).

An Average, War Party Centaur armed with a Bow and a War club (+2 in HtH Combat).

A Raw, War Party Centaur armed with a Lance and a Tomahawk (+1 in HtH Combat).

A Raw, War Party Centaur armed with a Spear and a Knife. This is Tolc's first raid and he wants to impress Ten Mares. As a result he gains a +1 Morale Modifier.

[Editor's Note: Flintloque 3rd edition does not comes with stats for a bow. However Gavin Syme, lead writer for Alternative Armies and head of the World of Valon, has previously stated that you can use the stats for a Standard Musket but there's no chance of a misfire and they work at double the speed .

Victory Conditions

Victory Conditions are simple. Whomever retains possession of the excavation site wins the scenario.

Tribal War Party Status for Fliintloque 1st Edition: Tribal War Parties include the vicious Halfling warriors of Shaka Baginza and the natives of Eastern Valon. While individually brave and skilled fighters, most War Parties suffer from a lack of clear chain of command and are often defeated by inferior numbers of Regular troops. Members of a War Party have no recognizable uniform. They are usually led by the most experienced fighter (or the character with the biggest mouth). War Parties are treated as Militia for firing purposes and misfire modifiers. They receive a +1 bonus in Hand to Hand Combat. Normal Morale Checks are subject to a -1 penalty, but Death of a Section Leader is rolled at a -2. In addition, all War Parties receive the Light Infantry modifier to Movement. Not all War Parties are subject to the above rules. The Great Shaka Baginza, for example, has trained his "unhitched" regiments to a standard equal to that of most "civilized" armies. At the Game Master's option, Tribal sections can be rated as Regular, Guerrilla or even Elite.


Figures and Painting Guide

The Palaeontologists

Professor Koop, Doctor Mursh and their cronies will be hard to represent with figures from Alternative Armies. I suggest scouring the packs to find figures with as much civilian dress as possible to represent the Character's on the table top. Obidiah's Army (Boxed Set 5006) is a good place to start. All of the Dark Elf Guerrilla packs (Half Box 51505Blisters 51001 and 51002) are good sets for civilian figures too. Finally, Armorican Deserters (Blister 51004), 1er Sappeurs de Ligne (Blister 51032), Republican Militia (Blister 51034), 4th Krautian Feldtechnics (Blister 52011), Royal Albion Engineers (Blister 54029), and Lord Montague's Fencibles (Blister 54031) have figures which will represent the excavators with ease.

The Centaur Braves

For the Centaur Braves, I suggest trying to find unarmoured figures from any company that makes them. I recall that Ral Partha used to make a few unarmoured centaurs in 25mm, but they would look hopelessly out of scale compared to the Flintloque figures.

[I personally loved the look of the Rackham Centaurs, they're still available just do a Google Search]


Author's Notes by Mike Baumann

Some of you will know that I am an archaeologist, by profession. Now any archaeologist worth his trowel will tell you that "We don't dig dinosaurs!" Some members of my calling take it as a personal affront when a person assumes that we do. A lot of these "hot-heads" keep their trowels razor-sharp, so for safety's sake I'll remind you that Archaeologists excavate human remains and cultural artefacts, while Palaeontologists are concerned with prehistoric critters such as dinosaurs.

I'm a bit of an odd-ball (never would have guessed, would you). In addition to majoring in Archaeology, I also picked up a major in Geology. I've always had a fascination with dinosaurs. Just take a look at Kraggy Tor [An excellent Fintloque/Dresda scenario returning to Orcs in the Webbe very soon].

During the Nineteenth Century there were a pair of palaeontologists named Cope and Marsh. These two characters were "dinosaur hunters" of the first order. Their expeditions scoured western America looking for new bones to add to the collections of museums world-wide. Cope and Marsh had a serious professional (and seemingly personal) rivalry to document as many new extinct species of dinosaur as possible and to discredit the work of his rival in the most demeaning way possible. This rivalry escalated, on occasion, to pitched gun battles over prime bone beds. That's right, they actually fought over dinosaur bones!

Characters like this were just too good to leave in the footnotes of some Geology text book. Even though Cope and Marsh post-date the Flintloque period by decades I had to design a scenario with them as the stars. I certainly hope you enjoy it.


Webmaster's Notes

This scenario was originally published on Mike Baumann's excellent Filbanto Stew Website that has long since passed into the West.

It was first published on Orcs in the Webbe on the 8th November 2007. After an absence of several years due to a prior regeneration of the website it returned on the 18th July 2016.

I have made the odd alteration as well as copious notes in maroon above.