"The Block House"

A Flintloque Scenario by Ed Proctor


The Albion Exploring Officer, Haines Pong, must lead a group of Dark Elf Guerrillas in an assault on a Ferach message relay station.



Sending messages in Catalucia is difficult for the Ferach. Their messengers are always getting ambushed by the Dark Elves’ guerrillas, so the Ferach have set up staging posts along their lines of communications from forts or defensible buildings. These posts could be buildings that were pressed into service or purpose-built buildings like the Block House.

An Albion Exploring Officer, Haines Pong (also known as oh oh seven), working behind the Ferach lines has found out that a new staging post is being built. If destroyed it could effect the Ferach communications for months to come. So with his Dark Elven allies they set out to destroy the Block House before it is completed.

Will Haines destroy the Block House or will he make a big pong out of this adventure?


The table is set up as per the map with two light woods in the North East and North West corners of the table and a number of piles of rock over the table which can be used as cover. The Block House, with a barricade surrounding it, is placed on the south side of the table.

For the Block House use a single story building about 12-16cm square which could be easily constructed out of card.

The Ferach Howitzer is placed outside the Block House and four Voltiguers are placed anywhere in the Block House compound on guard duty. The rest of the Elves are at rest in the Block House and the Guerrillas are placed in the woods.

Scenario Special Rules

You will need a copy of the following 3rd edition Flintloque books; War in Catalucia and Grapeshotte.

The scenario takes place at night with a full moon so use the Low Light Skirmish rules for night fighting from Grapeshotte, p.21.

The woods, rocks and the barricade are classed as light cover and the Block House is classed as heavy cover except a figure firing through the open doorway which is classed as in light cover. The barricade is a linear obstacle and moving inside the Block House is classed as moving in Bogging terrain.

Up to three figures can fire out of each side of the Block House through the windows except from the front of the building where two figures can fire through the windows and two through the open doorway (the door is still to be made).

The Elves in the Block House at the start of the scenario are at rest, but it takes either gun fire or one of the Elves on Guard duty who have spotted one of the Guerrillas to raise the alarm before they can perform any actions in the following turn.

The Elves can try to spot the Guerrillas at night but cannot engage them until they have been spotted. To spot a Guerrilla, each Elf can choose a Guerrilla figure and than throw a D10, then modify the result by -1 for each 15cm of distance after the first 30cm distance and if the final result is 6+ than the Guerrilla figure and all figures within 15cm of the Guerrilla have been spotted. If a Guerrilla fires or comes within 15cm of an Elf than the Guerrilla will be spotted, but if the Howitzer fires a Carcass shelle and lights up the whole battlefield than all Guerrillas will be spotted.

Victory Conditions

Victory for both sides is the capturing, or retaining of, the Block House and its’ compound.

Ferach Forces

The section consists of ten Voltiguers and two Gunners. The two gunners’ operates a 2 Inch Howitzer (from Grapeshotte, page 30) and Shelles, Caseshotte and Carcass are available to fire. The Howitzer starts the game loaded with a Carcass shelle.

1. Captain Le Hunter (Section Leader) / Experienced / Light
Improve Discipline (1) / Steadfast
Elf Musket / Sword

2. Sergeant Vilnai (Section Second)/ Experienced / Light
Tap Loading / Large Fellow
Elf Musket / Sword

3. Private Pile / Average / Light
Graceful Step / Cruel Pointed Ears
Elf Musket

4. Private Toriant / Average / Light
First Strike Ferach / Fool Temper
Elf Musket

5. Private Camp / Average / Light
Steady Elf Hand
Elf Musket

6. Private Vadgras / Raw / Light
Elf Musket

7. Private Lelac / Raw / Light
Elf Musket

8. Private Le Paul / Raw / Light
Prevent Injury
Elf Musket

9. Private Le Hail / Raw / Light
Elf Musket

10. Private Vaughn / Raw / Light
Elf Musket

11. Gunner Penu / Average / Gunner
Elf Pistol / Club

12. Gunner Le Stig / Raw / Gunner
Artillery Ram

Guerilla Forces

The Guerrillas section consists of one Orc exploring officer and fifteen Dark Elves. The Guerrilla player(s) can split the section into two sections of eight.

1. Exploring Officer, Haines Pong (Section Leader) / Veteran / Light / Elite
Serpentine / Dodge / Massive Jamminess
Bakur Rifle / Sword

2. Le Spike (Section Second) / Experience / Guerrilla
Rapier Fast / Arthletic
Standard Pistol / Sword

3. El Philopi / Experience / Guerrilla
Disdain / Nerves of Steel
Standard Pistol / Sword

4. Petpar / Average / Guerrilla
Quick Reflexes
Standard Rifle / Standard Pistol

5. Ratto / Average / Guerrilla
Standard Blunderbuss

6. El Smello / Average / Guerrilla
Wing Feet
Dark Elf Musketoon

7. Firepart / Average / Guerrilla
Standard Musket

8. El Gorgio / Average / Guerrilla

9. Jannic / Average / Guerrilla

10. Marrilla / Average / Guerrilla
Standard Musket / Sword

11. Vetgrade / Average / Guerrilla
Large Fellow

12. Donotelli / Raw / Guerrilla
Standard Blunderbuss

13. Marie / Raw / Guerrilla
Standard Musket

14. Geogeo / Raw / Guerrilla
Catatonic Faith
Standard Carbine

15. Botio / Raw / Guerrilla
Standard Musket

16. Haldiardo / Raw / Guerrilla
Standard Carbine

Alternative Scenario Option

You could alter the scenario by replacing some of the Guerrillas with the equivalent point’s value of Orc Rifles and you could replace “Hanes Pong” with “Lieutenant Shark” of the 105th Rifles.


Webmaster's Notes

An Orcs in the Webbe Original! "The Block House" was first published on the 12th December 2010 as part of OITW's 2010 Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar.