flintloque-logo-304x90"Thus The Lie is Revealed"

A Flintloque Background article by Mac Coxhead

Art by Edward Jackson, Coloured by Craig Andrews

The truth behind the Elves persecution of the Dracci is revealed.


So is it written in the legends of Shivalia, that the Dracii stole from the Elves their greatest treasure, and how the Elves waged a Holy War until they regained what had been taken from them. It is told how evil were the Dragon Children, and how the malice covered world.

Now I, Morgana, deposed Empress of the Peacock throne, and last of the first, will speak unspeakable words, and open the secrets of my faltering heart before I join the Lei.

We were a young and proud people, first-born we styled ourselves - not that we came before the Orcs or Dwarfs - but we were the first beautiful creation upon Valon...

...the Dracii ambassadors spoke of knowledge they would share with us, of the peace of Valon....

...then those who spoke with Shia spread stories of the wealth the Draccii would hide from us.....

...we fell upon the ambassadors and forced from them the path to their home. So dragon-bright their spirits, that they smiled upon us as children, even as we slew them.

Then armed we our host, and by many unknown ways, barren, fruitful, strange, stormy, came we, The First-born, to far Kathay. Up we toiled, more than a league, above the clouds we were...

...and we fell upon the undefended city of the Draccii, no walls had they for the fools thought they needed none. We reaved and burned and slaughtered even unto their Holiest place, and there we seized the great crystal, which has been forged into the Ring of Power...

...then up rose mighty Dragons, whose visages terrified our hearts, and we fled...

Thus is The Lie revealed.


Webmaster's Notes

As regular readers of this website know I love the Dracci race. The above snippet is one of the reasons why. It is taken from an old post published on the original Flintloque eGroup (now Historcy) way back on the 6th February 2001.


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