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"The Wide World of Orcs"

A Collection of Orc Profiles for 7TV Fantasy by Helena Nash and Karl Perrotton


Helena Nash and Karl Perrotton bring us a collection of tongue-in-cheek Orc Profiles for use with 7TV Fantasy!


What is 7TV: Fantasy?

7TV: Fantasy, a narrative-driven miniatures wargame using the established 7TV ruleset bringing the worlds of fantasy film and television to the tabletop for miniature battles, campaign play and small-scale mayhem.


The Wide World Of Orcs

To download this rules supplement from the Orcs in the Webbe Dropbox account as a PDF produced by Helena with formatting and lovely pictures click here - Craig, Editor. 

Orcs come in all shapes, sizes and special effects, and have been part of popular culture since the middle of the 20th century. This 7TV: Fantasy profile pack builds on the classic orcish Extras in the core to give you 6 alternative orcs to play with, from the worlds of literature, animation, games and movies.


 7tv live action orc

7tv massively multiplayer orc

7tv musical orc

7tv old hammer orc

7tv rotoscoped orc

7tv saturday morning orc




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Webmaster's Notes

The above rules supplement is an Orcs in the Webbe excusive and was first published on December 15th 2020 as the 14th entry of its 2020 Advent Calendar.