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Back in 2007, as a Christmas gift to it's readers, Orcs in the Webbe became an Advent Calendar of sorts, counting down the days remaining to Christmas. However, instead of chocolates or sweets, every day from the 1st through to the 25th of December it published an article of interest to it's readers. On the 25th of December all the articles were listed on a single page, forming an annual like those you'd get for Christmas when you were a child. It was so popular that it became an yearly event. All the content is spread throughout the site, each in it's rightful place, but you can see the complete summary pages, along with each years introduction, by following the links below.

The 2013 Advent Calendar


Being in the main the 2013 collection of articles for a selection of much beloved and respected wargame rules (and perhaps one or two other more unexpected diversions). Merry Cryptmass!

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The 2012 Advent Calendar


After the success of the 2011 calendar and the kind words throughout the year there was never any doubt about running the calendar again in 2012. Once again a load of people agreed to create some splendid articles which coupled with the smoother OITWv6 interface made it one of the best years yet.

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The 2011 Advent Calendar


Due to a drop in readership and my increased workload over on Barking Irons the 2011 Advent Calendar nearly didn't come to be, but after some encouragement and a great surge of support it brought us twenty original articles, two Flintloque archive updates, an article by a GW writer and of course, the annual AA interview.

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The 2010 Advent Calendar


Sadly due to my father passing away the 2010 Advent Calendar took a bit longer to get up and running on OITW and even then it wasn't 100% complete. However, despite this it did bring us two classic Flintloque booklets updated to 3rd Edition, fourteen original articles, two new mini-games and the annual Alternative Armies interview.

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The 2009 Advent Calendar


After it's continued popularity in previous years, in 2009 I once again decided to run the Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar. For this year I decided that instead of running a mixture of reprints and new content to attempt to release a brand new piece of content everyday for the twenty four day run up to Christmas.

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The 2008 Advent Calendar


After it's popularity in 2007, in 2008 Orcs in the Webbe one again became an Advent Calendar as well as bringing it's readers some classic articles it also brought with it a whole host of new original content written exclusively for inclusion on the calendar.

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The 2007 Advent Calendar


In 2007, as a Christmas gift to it's readers, Orcs in the Webbe became an Advent Calendar of sorts. Instead of chocolates or sweets though, each day it published a piece of content for the twenty four days running up to Christmas. It was so popular that we here at Orcs decided to make it an annual event.

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