• Scooby Doom & Raggy


    Scooby Doom & Raggy

    Scooby Doom is Vlad Voltan's most respected officer, achieving levels of evil only imagined prior to his becoming a Vampyre Dog. He is always accompanied by his loyal sidekick Raggy, a strange concoction of straw and bone...

    Tag Type: Character
    Point of View: Valon

    [Full rules for Scooby Doom and Raggy for both Flintloque 3rd Edition and Slaughterloo 2nd Edition can be found in the Alternative Armies rules supplement, The Rarest Tin. - Craig]

  • Spitfyre

    spitfyre cover logo

    Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the skies of Panzerfäuste!

    Orc Dragons and Dwarf War-Eagles take the war to the skies in this game of aerial combat set in the world of Panzerfäuste. Welcome to The Land and the world of Spitfyre, our exciting game of aerial warfare in a fantasy world. Enter a world where Dwarves and Orcs fly giant creatures and arm them with bombs and machine guns to continue their millennia long struggles... Come fight in the skies of Spitfyre and see if you can reign supreme over The Land!

    Spitfyre is a fun 'Historo-Fantasy' miniature aerial wargame in which 10mm scale miniatures are used to depict the everyday struggles of standard fantasy races such as Orcs and Dwarves fight out battles with 20th century weaponry.

    Website: https://www.hystericalgames.co.uk/shop

    Tag Type: Game System
    Point of View: Real World

  • Stand Alone Games


    Stand Alone Games

    Orcs in the Webbe started out as an online repository of scenarios and rulesets for Alternative Armies' blackpowder skirmish game, Flintloque. However, over the years several people, most notably games designer Matthew Hartley, have created fully developed stand alone games exclusively for publication on OITW.

    Tag Type: Information
    Point of View: Real World