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"Obidiah's Army"

A Flintloque Character Booklet by James Brittain, Mike Roberts & Gavin Syme

Adapted for Flintloque 3rd Edition by Craig Andrews



In 1997 Alternative Armies released a rules booklet and accompanying boxed set of villanous characters for use with Flintloque, it's Napoleonique Skirmish Game. No longer did players have to field strictly uniformed units whose allegiance lay with their home countries. Taking inspiration from characters and situations in Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe, as Flintloque itself had introduced us to the 105th Orc Rifles, the Obidiah's Army booklet brought us some memorable characters and full rules for deserters bands.

Over the years Flintloque was overhauled and updated, first in 2002 with Flintloque Reloaded and more recently in 2005 with Flintloque 3rd Edition. The new edition was completely different to it's ancestor and many of the rules found in booklets, like Obidiah's Army, were no longer valid. Scenario's could still be played with a bit of tweaking but anything that relied heavily on rules and special abilities needed a bit more work. 

In 2010 Craig Andrews, creator and owner of Orcs in the Webbe, worked closely with Alternative Armies and updated the Obidiah's Army Character Booklet making it fully compatible with the new rules.


Click here to open/download the PDF of Obidiah's Army Character Booklet for Flintloque 3rd Edition.


The updated text, along with the original artwork, has also been uploaded as individual articles here on Orcs in the Webbe as part of it's Flintloque Archive. This means all the content is now fully indexed and tagged. Meaning it will show up when using our comprehensive search engine.

Each of the articles can also be accessed directly by clicking on the individual links below (coming soon - Craig):

Short Story: Mob Rules
Deserter Bands - Unit Composition
Obidiah's Army - Section History and Character Statistics
Short Story: Caustic Comestibles and Spurious Spices
Short Story: Jezails at Dusk
Scenario Seeds
Uniformation - A Painting Guide
Comic Strip: Obidiah's Muvver


Webmaster's Notes

I'd like to thank a few people who helped in bringing this project to light. Firstly Gavin Syme for letting me bring Obidiah and his nefarious band up to date and publish the results here on OITW. Due to my lack of organisation I had back in the 90s my miniatures were safely stored but the box has long gone so thanks go to Tony Harwood for the original box art photographs he sent through at my request at the eleventh hour. I'd also like to thank my better half Emma for the removal of all my errant apostrophes and all the other such grammatical faux pas I commit on an hourly basis. And special mention must go to my original Flintloque group; Ben, Mark and CJ, for having already chosen their forces leaving me with the Deserters back in '97.

Craig Andrews
December 2010